Your Right Your World

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You can earn more privileges by accepting more responsibilities. Living in a nation governed by democracy does not entitle you the right to do whatever you desire in whichever manner you want. There are conflicting situations arising from the fact that as a child you were mentored by your parents and elders what you must do or avoid doing. As you start getting older you start developing a tendency to take hold of your life. Few of the decisions you start making on your own. For example the kind of school bag you would like to carry or the pencils and pens you find more suitable for your needs. Even so you have certain restrictions on the amount of money you are allowed to spend, how late you can stay out or for how long you can use your phone, although nowadays the restriction to the use of phone can hardly be checked since every school kid posses a handset of their own even before they turn ten. It won’t be long before you’ll be making all the primary decisions in your life that does not include merely the minor everyday stuff but is also with regards to where your beliefs lie – concerning your ideals, necessities, objectives and rights.
Being aware of your rights helps you from your opinions and come up to a decision. It keeps you away from other people’s criticism and manipulations. So naturally there are few rights that every human being is entitled to irrespective of their cultural background, gender, age and religion. First of all, every one of us has the right to express our opinions which can be termed as the freedom of speech. You can even claim the right to be treated with respect and your opinions be considered and taken seriously after being listened to. You can decide whatever is best for yourself be it the career course you would like to pursue or the kind of clothes you would like to wear. You have the right to ask for what you want although it might not always be possible for the other person to fulfill those demands as it is their right to choose doing what seems the best to them. Getting some privacy or space of your own along with a control of your possessions and body can also be included here. It is not a huge blunder to make mistakes because you can always learn from those mistakes after all you are human. You can even take responsibility for your own choices, feelings and behavior and its consequences. Thus you need to be ready to face the effects good or bad as a result of your actions and in this way take control of your life.
These are some of the stuffs you can try doing. Practise giving yourself the rights you want. You need to figure out how you will act and how it will bring a change to your life. Most importantly, you must first start respecting other people’s rights, only then can you expect other people to do the same thing for you. It is just like the saying-Practice what you preach. At times you may hear some people complaining about all this. You can at such times try helping them to figure out the problems or at least perhaps listen to them. Remember providing help by listening to people can be a great way to give help to someone. Acquaint yourself with some of the rights after reading the fundamental Rights of the Indian Constitution. Pick out one of the rights which appeal to you. Make a note of it by writing it down or saying it to yourself over and over. Think of it as something very integral to your life and keep living by it through each day. This is what you must do with each of the rights. Let’s take an example here with the right to be heard. You want to practise the right to be listened to and taken seriously. So make a note of some the points related to it like how much it means to you and who will be listening to you. It may be your parents, friends, siblings or classmates. You can also analyze in what way it will affect your life. Perhaps people will actually start taking your words seriously and be a more patient listener hereafter. They might even consider doing what you say. What will you be saying that you haven’t said before? It will perhaps build up that confidence in you so that you can shun away the bullies in your school or feel more confident about answering questions in the class. You may start expressing your views on any topics ranging from sports to arts. The best thing you need to notice is how much stronger or anxious it will make you feel. It is only then that you can implement it in your everyday life.
Claim for yourself the rights you want, others will respect you for it. When you know your rights, you can stand up for them and be guided by them.