10 hairstyles that will rock your look

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Undoubtedly a girl’s biggest asset is her hair and styling it makes it look gorgeous, ravishing and impeccable. Are you bored wearing the same hairstyle everyday?Brunettes! Here are 15 simple and awesome hairstyles that you can try to make your hair look the best.You must know what hairstyle would suit you and try them. In case if you have an oval face, layers near your cheek bones are the best. Almost all hairstyles would suit an oval face as it is the versatile face cut.Finding the right hairstyle for a round face seems to be difficult but there are hairstyles that compliment your face cut like a pixie crop or waved bangs. If you have a round face wear bouncy curls long and loose as that would be a flattering one. Before you start with any hairstyle comb your hair to detangle it.

1. A Bump and A Pony


A bump and a pony is the best suited hairstyle for any face cut and it is simple to wear  on daily basis. Let me explain how to make this cute hairstyle. Section your hair in the front for the bump. Divide the section into four or three layers depending on the volume of the hair. Tease each layer of the hair except for one in the front. Use a hair brush and bring together all the layers combinig the first layer. Lock your bump with a bobbin pin. Now try on a high pony along the extended hair from the bump. That all and your hairstyle is on.

2. A Twisted ponytail


This is the most simplest of all the hairstyles. To start with this hairstyle divide a small section of your hair from one side for twisting and tie a ponytail leaving the section in the side. Now twist this section of hair and cover the band on the ponytail. Pin the twisted hair with a bobbin pin under the ponytail such that the pin is not visible from outside.

3. An Illusional Long ponytail


As the name indicates this ponytail creates an illusion of a long hair. Amazing? Isn’t? For this hairstyle, tie a high ponytail with the hair in the front. Tie another ponytail at the end. Use bobbin pins to hide the end pony and this creates an illusion of long hair. Do remember that your bobbin pins should also be invisible. This is an easy and gorgeous hairstyle that makes your hair appear thick and voluminous.

4. A Waterfall braid


Take two small sections of your hair near the ear and twist them. Grab another section of the hair and put them in between these two sections. Do a twist again leaving the grabbed section underneath. Grab small sections of hair in the same way each time before twisting and remember to use the same sections till you reach the hair near the other ear. In a waterfall braid there will be small sections of hair let free from gaps in the twist. Follow the same and lock it with a bobbin pin such that it is not visible.

5. A French Twist ponytail



To start with take sections of hair from all over the head and tease it to make the hair appear thick. Then start to brush the hair from front and make it appear smooth. Pin the hair on the right side towards the left with bobbin pins in criss-cross manner and continue this in the left side too but remember to hide the pins. Twist a section of hair at the end to cover a ponytail at the end a lock it with a bobbin pin. You can compliment this hairstyle with a fringe for better look.

6. A Tidy Hair Bow


Take two sections of hair one from the right end and other from the left end. Pull the sections back and cross them. Tie a bow and fix them tightly with a bobbin pin. Make sure you hide the pin below the hair. The simple and tidy hair bow hairstyle is on.

7. A Mermaid Tail Braid


This hairstyle is decorative and is best on a casual day. Put all your hairs to one side. Partition them into two and plait them separately. Join the two plait using bobbin pins till the end of the hair. Put a band to combine both the braids. Here you are with the beautiful mermaid tail braid.

8. A Brisk Braid Wrap


This hairstyle can be worn on a party. To begin tie a ponytail. Now loosen the ponytail and create a gap to insert the ponytail. This creates a twist in the hair. Plait your hair and roll them from inside out in your ponytail and lock them with bobbin pins. A fringe will add beauty to this hairstyle.

9. A Summer Perfect ponytail


Tease the center part of your hair, twist them and pin them. Tie a high ponytail leaving a fringe. Grab a small section of hair to surround the band and pin it under your ponytail. This hairstyle is perfect for summer as the hair doesn’t stick to the back of your neck.

10. A French Braid


Start plaiting a section of hair in the front, grab a section of hair from right and combine it with the right section of the  braid. Similarly grab a section of hair from left and combine it with the left section of the braid. Braid the hair by adding some hair from the center to the center section of braid . Continue the same till you reach the length of the hair. Once you reach the length of the hair plait it and put a band to hold the plait. You are ready with a French braid.

Try these amazing hairstyles to make your hair presentable and gorgeous. You might not get these hairstyles perfectly just on a single try, so keep trying and you will get it perfect. Now you can change your hairstyle according to the occasion that you are getting ready for or according to the season that you are in.