8 Signals That You Have Found Your Passion

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We read, listen and watch everywhere about finding our life purpose and calling. But still there is something missing because we are never satisfied. Most of the times, we find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. But we have to realize that we have to start placing value on our deepest heart desire because that is where life becomes more fulfilling. It is not easy to follow your calling in a world where your own family and friends may not support it but you still have to have that conviction, that supreme confidence to believe enough in what you came here to do. This is what transforms your life for the better. Awareness is really necessary to find your calling. We have to be fully aware of the present moment because the opportunities can pass through and we may not realize it. So, here are the signs that you have found your life purpose.

1. It Doesn’t feel like work.


You are doing something for hours and not even looking at the clock. The time does not concern you when you are doing what you love. It just doesn’t feel like work. You feel so much in a radiance while doing such work. When you are following your calling, you are happy the way you are. You have a hundred percent focus because you are working for your highest purpose.  It may or may not be in the service of humanity but you are creating more positive energy with it.

2. Experiences make us stronger.


We all have gone through ups and downs and spinning around. These all serve as the catalyst to lead us where we are today. The people we have met in our lives, they have only made us stronger. These experiences have helped us in becoming stronger. Most of our decisions are based on our past experiences. Whatever we are doing, we are doing it based on what we have learned before.So, such experiences also help us out in finding our life purpose because they build us.

3. Your mental, emotional and spiritual health improves.


When you are following you calling then your whole health improves. You don’t feel tired very easily, you feel happy most of the times and your focus is stronger than before. When you are not following your calling, you start to suffer. People have stress, panic attacks and anxiety because they are doing something that they don’t love. The moment we move closer to our calling, we start to become the greatest version of ourselves. You start eating healthier foods, you start accepting and loving yourself more than ever and you develop self care.

4. Total Commitment


You have found your calling if you are a hundred percent committed to the work you are doing. You don’t take it for granted because everyday is like holiday. You don’t need anymore holidays to relax yourself. Your work is your holiday. It is not easy, there are still obstacles but at the same time, the amount of satisfaction you receive from such work is massive. A hundred percent commitment is where you start living from your heart space.

5. Your values represent your calling


Our values are in alignment with our core belief systems so it gives us more integrity and passion. It is not about being so serious all the time but standing for something you believe in. When you stand for something, you can hold your head high and see people in their eyes. You stop judging yourself because you say – “This is who i am. Love it or hate it. I don’t mind.”

6. The Synchronicity


When we are following our calling, we meet people who help us moving forward and this happens out of the blue. There is a saying – “When we really want something, the universe always conspires in our favor.” This is so true because when you are following your deepest heart desires, you meet certain people who pull you up, you reach places that nurture you for better and you get opportunities to improve your life. When you are aligned to your true core frequencies, you start attracting your reflections.

7. The Abundance begins to flow


Money is energy and we are the currency we are working for. When we are following our calling, the universe not only always provides but we also stop worrying so much about surviving and we start breathing for the first time. You let go all of this striving to be perfect and step into the rhythm  of life because your calling builds your passion. More passion, more energy. More energy, more abundance.

8. The Support Network


The more you follow your calling, you start finding your tribe. The people who are hungry, who don’t want to live life just as it is. They want to stretch themselves and improve their lives for better. You find the ones you love by doing what you love. It is that simple. We all are here for each other. The support network is really necessary to live our dreams. People will start believing in you when you will start believing in yourself. So, right people will come into your life when you are following your passion.