10 things every teenage girl should know

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1. Don’t Stress over exams-
Exams are really important for you. I understand that. As it would give you self-satisfaction for really doing it well and You know that you aren’t dumb. But no one would even care about these results beyond another round of exams. Once you get the first job – no one will even care which university level degree you have achieved. They will only care about the job you last had and whether you are a good person to work with.

2. Learn something that you will never forget-
Staying up all night to learn all the subjects by mugging up is sure a great method for acing exams, but how about figuring out which subjects you really like and taking more time to understand the concepts deeply .as learning and forgetting everything you learnt once an exam is over, is wastage of your time at school. I don’t think you will ever again get the same space in your brain, energy or inclination. First thing to do is to seek out your favorite teachers and ask them for help for reading insights that aren’t in the syllabus so that you can actually learn something from your school education.

3. Don’t wait for the right guy-
If you are looking for the right guy, don’t! As you really have a long time for doing so. This is not the age for having serious boyfriend and you don’t even need one. I promise. There is no rush. You will not even know yourself when you meet him but you will know him. Instead, focus on making really strong bonds with good girls and nice guy friends. It is a fact that it is harder to make really good friends the older you get. Even if you pass out from school with just one brilliant friend, that is worth 10 loose connections in a large group.

4. Friendship-
Big group of friends are lots of fun but they also don’t exist that much in the same intense way beyond higher education and may be beyond the school gates, they are just a fiction. You can just be the way you are. And on top of that, everyone is just as worried as you are, about everything going on, in their life. You don’t have to look in a certain way or think a certain way according to your group which you have been trying to please for the last decade. Whisper to yourself that the relationships and the set-up in FRIENDS sitcoms are just not real. you will learn that friends who are working will never have the time, all at the same time, to meet for spending time together nearly every day of the week.

5. Learn from Teachers-
Teachers are also human beings same like your parents and all the other adults around you. They have more experience than you and you should probably learn from them. Do engage with them as if you want something . They have knowledge and outlook that you can only dream of right now. They have also messed up few things and make mistakes but they can be forgiven.

6. Be Brave-
Don’t be a coward. It’s actually cool to have original thoughts and thinking of yourself beyond the situation in which you are actually in. Education is only a small part of your life. I cannot tell you how much there is more for you. You think that you know so much now, and you do. But the learning curve is always going to be steep but brilliant, as long as you are open to it and don’t expect any overnight success. It’s a long road to go and the people you are with are always temporary unless you want them to be.

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7. Play Sports-
You are actually healthy right now. Regardless of the shape of your body, age is massively on your side so please do find a sport you really love now. Because you won’t be even bothering once you discover that going out and drinking is much more fun. And by the time when you will be trying to succeed in the place you work, you are going to want the exercise for the joy of it. Believe me. This has nothing to do with your weight but for the sake of your health.

8. Enjoy School-
Enjoy the facilities your school gives you now. Even if it feels suffocating and you really have to move on with life and act like an adult. Life will never be so directed again. But that’s okay too. Just explore yourself and discover your potentials. Believe me, you will come back to these findings again when you get older.

9. All is Well-
In the end, everything will be alright and life is like a roller-coaster enjoy the ups and downs when you are on it and some things won’t really matter months from now

10. Take care of yourself-
Always feel good about yourself and get some beauty sleep, lots of it!