2 Best ways to love a girl!

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All those boys who are looking for ways to make their girl feel special got to read this article…not once but twice! Do you know what exactly love is? Maybe you get into a relationship with a girl and get married to her in order to affirm your place in this world. Perhaps, it wasn’t really love at the first place, perhaps it was an attempt to feel the kind of comfort you got to experience with your own mother! But, can you label this as ‘loving’ her? Well…NO!! The kind of love you need to show your girl is of a totally different kind. Many of you may have noticed that sometimes, guys and girls speak different languages when it comes to the topic of “love”. If you feel that the special girl of your life is unable to apprehend the message that you love her, then you need to put in some efforts to make her feel so. It’s all about sustaining a balance between giving her all the love and affection that she deserves and accepting her individuality. So, do you guys want to find out how?? Just read on…


The primary fact you should consider is- most of the girls like getting showered with affection as well as compliments from a guy they care about, this can be due to their insecurity which you guys can handle well by reassuring her from time to time. Tell her how much you love her as there are never enough of ”I love you’s“ and say it in a way that you really mean it and not just only for the heck of saying it. The best way to support her is by respecting her as a self reliant individual, take for example by encouraging her to apply for a job even if she is not sure of cracking the interview. Always be there to lift her up and let her know that she is capable of anything she puts her mind to. This does not actually mean you start following her at all times, being her personal cheerleader! So, make sure she supports you too and don’t forget to let her know that you will be there to help her succeed in any way she wants.
Try being a gentleman for her, this does not mean that you start throwing your jackets over puddles or change your entire personality to show that you love her. However if you really want to show her that you care , then yeah, you should probably stop belching or scratching yourself in front of her when you two are spending time together …otherwise, she might feel like one of the bros you hang around with. So, you have to put in extra efforts to make her feel way different from them. This will not only make her feel special but loved.

Gestures like letting her walk in front of you when you both are entering a place, pulling out a chair for her on the dinner table, opening the doors for her are some of things which you can easily do. The next step you can go for is being understanding and thoughtful. Many of you may find it hard to know what it means to be ‘thoughtful’, it’s just that you need to put in some thought into how will you treat your girl, based on what you think she might like. So, take time to sit and listen to her while she wants to share something with you. You need to be understanding in the sense that you are able to accept the fact that she is human and is bound to make mistakes and has needs and desires, just like everyone else. So, shut down your unreasonable expectations for her to be perfect. Knowing when to give her space can prove to be beneficial for your relationship in the long run.
Sometimes you may feel that the romance between you two is disappearing and this is definitely not a good sign! Your girl would love it if you show some romantic gestures from time to time which will make her feel really special.

You know, the best way you can dream of having an everlasting relationship with her is by being open with her.
If you think you are one of those people who keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves, then its time my friend that you should start sharing your views and opinions which are going around in your head. This doesn’t mean you have to tell her every bit of it but make sure you let her about things that you normally don’t tell other people. This is what’s going to make her feel that she stands out from the rest!
Sometimes, you should give some of your time to get to know her in depth. Start off by asking questions about her life and let her know that you are interested in who she is as an individual and what is she been thinking about the various aspects of life. Get to know what all she has planned for her future and come in terms with her passions, goals and worries.
Giving her meaningful compliments can be the best way to cheer her up at times. This does not mean that you start giving her compliments every ten seconds, but showering her with unique compliments can be much more effective. View her as an equal and ask her for her opinions before taking any major decisions. If you both do not get to meet for a few days, never forget to check in with her. Drop a few messages on her phone asking her about the day. This will make her feel that you are thinking about her when u guys ain’t together.
When there has been an argument between you both and deep down you feel that u have done something wrong then it’s the best for u to apologize, that so in a way that you mean it. If you want your girl to love and respect you, then accepting your mistakes and putting an effort not to repeat them again seems meaningful for the strength of your relationship. Last but not the least, it is important for you to communicate with her like her guardian. This means being able to tell your side of the story while also hearing her out through it without interrupting much. The attempt to make love last long enough is in your hands. As it is said “it is better to be happy than to be right”. So, make it worth being together…