The 20 stupid questions a vegetarian gets asked every day

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As a vegetarian, it’s pretty basic for me to face at least 10 stupid questions a day. But on bad days this can range up to 30 stupid questions a day. I’ll try to answer at least 20 of these questions once and for all.


1. If you are a vegetarian, why do you eat eggs?

The eggs we eat are unfertilized. The hens do not have to mate with the roosters to lay them and moreover it would not form a chick even if it was not eaten. But yes, there are abuses related to the egg industry. If you are a vegetarian, search for these animal cruelties and if you find them offensive, stop eating eggs. But to clarify, eating unfertilized eggs is not murder.

2. Where do you get your protein from?

First of all, we do not need as much protein as we claim to require. We get our proteins from lentils, chickpeas, grains, legumes, black beans, nuts and tofu.


3.  If you contracted a medical condition where you HAD to eat meat, would you still decline?

I was a vegetarian for the first 6 years of my life and then I contracted something that made my parents feed me some kind of stew made of baby chickens. That is one of the primary reasons why I was adamant on being a vegetarian for the rest of my life. Not eating meat would not have killed me, the doctor just thought it would be healthy because he was not ready to look for alternatives. My religion did not forbid me from eating meat so my ideals could not stand in the way either. Now I can say with absolute certainty that there are alternatives and yes, I would decline even if I had a medical condition where I HAD to have meat.

4.What do you eat when you go to a wedding? The main meal minus the meat?

People who really care about their vegetarian guests have good vegetarian food at their weddings normally. If they don’t, just smile at them, come back home and have a delicious meat-less dinner.

5. You are not saving anyone by not eating meat, the animals are going to be slaughtered anyway so what’s the use?

Some people just feel better knowing that they aren’t standing waist deep in a sea of carcases. It brings about a freedom from the guilt. I am one of those people.

6. Do you think you can look down on me because I eat meat?

I can. I do. I cannot say that to you because that would be rude. But I do look down upon you because you commit a murder every day. But then, does being a non-vegetarian make you a bad person, according to me? Not at all. My mother is a non-vegetarian and she has done more for animal welfare than I can possibly do in a lifetime. But yes, if you lack compassion and ask me stupid questions, I will look down on you.

7. But doesn’t the vegetarian diet make you too fat/thin?

It does not make someone too thin. I actually gained weight after taking up a vegetarian diet but that was because of my own bad habits. Too much cheese and no exercise. I cannot blame anyone but myself because of that.

8. But we are omnivores, not herbivores!

Being an omnivore, you have a choice. Carnivores cannot survive without meat, you can. If you can stop eating meat for a day, you can stop eating meat for a lifetime.

9. You do buy fish for your cat, how is that not murder?

Cats are carnivorous, they need fish to live. But I won’t lie. We do feel pretty bad about those murders. I really wish someone comes up with an alternative to this.

10. Why do you always have to make a big deal when you eat out with your friends? Just take the non-meat portion of a meat product!

The non-meat portion of a meat product has chicken stalk in it. We do not eat chicken stalk. And if you think we make a fuss for no reason, don’t go out with us. We have plenty of people who love us despite our dietary preferences.

11. You DO know that Hitler was a vegetarian right?

Hitler also used bull testicle extracts to bolster his libido. He and Ted Bundy both ate fish at times so they were not vegetarians. Jeffrey Dahmer ate human flesh so I don’t think he qualifies as a vegetarian and believe it or not, there is no proof that just surviving on a vegetable diet makes you angry enough to kill people.

12. Wait, you are not a vegan? But you eat vegetables. There’s a difference between vegan and a vegetarian?

Vegans do not eat ANY animal based product- even eggs or any milk based product. Vegetarians may have eggs and milk. Vegans do not use leather either. They need vitamin B12 supplements, vegetarians don’t.


13. If you don’t eat meat, you will get stupid, you know that right?

I won’t even dignify that stupidity with a response or name intelligent people who are vegetarians because that question proves that stupidity is not restricted to people on a non-meat based diet.

14. You plan to pursue your higher studies abroad? You know foreign countries have no vegetarian food, right?

So there are no vegetarians and vegans anywhere else besides India? That’s weird. I was just chatting with my British friend who is a vegan, yesterday. He seemed pretty alive which means they do grow vegetables elsewhere.


15. Okay fine, you don’t eat meat but why don’t you wear pearls/silk/leather/fur or eat gelatin?

Pearls come from oysters. Silk comes from silk worms. Leather comes from the process of skinning animals alive. Asking me why I don’t wear fur is just stupid. Gelatin is a protein obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones with water. It comes from cows and pigs.

16. If everyone became a vegetarian, the balance in the ecosystem will vanish. You are destroying the earth by refusing to eat this dish.

The millions of broiler chickens and pigs being grown inside little man-made steel buildings are not a part of the Eco-system. They are simply grown to supply to the ever-growing demand for flesh. If there was no demand, the production would stop and these industries would be shut down. Unless you went hunting for a wild rooster every Sunday, the ecosystem is going to be fine without you eating meat. Also, if you are so concerned about the environment, try to find out the amount of water that is needed to run a beef industry and the pollution that is caused by the leather industry.

17. But plants get hurt too! How is it justified to hurt them?

Plants do not have a central nervous system. They do not ‘feel’ anything. So they cannot really feel pain like the animals that are slaughtered. If you really want to compare those two- try witnessing an animal having its skin ripped from its body and a plant having one of it’s leaves plucked. Base your decision of whatever traumatizes you more.


18. But prawns aren’t animals. They are insects.

I just told you I don’t wear silk because the silkworms are boiled to get that. They ALL feel pain, that’s what matters.

19. But your religion does not forbid you to eat meat!

Believe it or not, my religion does not govern everything I do. And as long as we are talking about religion, it also asks me to be compassionate and kind. I don’t really think I can do that while chewing on someone else’s bone.

20. Isn’t being a vegetarian hard?

As long as I don’t have to answer these many idiotic questions every day, not really.

  • Customer

    nice blog entry. btw, (9) there is vegan cat food that’s sustainable for cats and you’re wrong on (12) the B12 issue. Vegans don’t need to supplement B12, but if someone is deficient he must. 20-30% of meat eaters are B12 deficient. Also (11) Hitler was neither a Vegetarian nor a Vegan, Gary Yourofsky did that research and you can find him speak about it on youtube.

  • kat

    We Get Protein From Vegetablessssssssssssss!!!! Dammit. Go eat sum spinach!