3 New Year’s resolutions we all take.

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New year is just down the line, there are only a few days left for another year to begin. New year means new beginnings and to some people it also means a bunch of new year’s resolutions. Some people follow them and some don’t and then there are a third category of people who make fun of those people who have new year’s resolutions. If one sees closely new year’s resolution isn’t really such a bad thing at all. It makes you take a closer and a harder look at yourself and your own faults. But then there are five typical new year’s resolutions we have all taken in our lives and somehow have managed not to fulfill them.

1 Weight Loss:


How many of us have promised ourselves that in the coming year you will lose weight. You will have that sexy body that you have always been dreaming about. You’ll get those hot steamy legs before summer comes in and when summer is here you will wear those hot pants which have been lying in your cupboard since god knows when. Or maybe get a flat stomach so that you can wear those cute crop tops. But all of this usually doesn’t happen or does it? We start the year being hopeful and follow the whole routine and diet religiously but somewhere down the line sooner or later we let go of it and decide to remain the way we were before or maybe even gain more weight. In case you are one of those people who are taking the resolution of losing weight, then do not lose heart. You can do it. It takes time and a lot patience, but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

2  Being  a better person:

We all know our faults way better than the other people do. We live with ourselves and we have no other choice. So whenever a new year is about to begin we make ourselves one of those promises that we will stop being so selfish and be more giving etc etc. This can be said with surety that we all have made this promise more than once and even though we fail each and every time we still take up that resolution because nothing, absolutely nothing can break that self belief. We all have said that in the coming year we will be nicer to other people more than we usually are. Being nice is a really hard thing at times.


But then again there are a certain group of people who try to become a meaner person. If you are one of those people who have gotten hurt over and over again by people because of your inability to say no, is what defines your new year’s resolution. Being a whole new person is not a difficult thing, the only problem is that we stop working on ourselves at some point and become so involved in the life outside ourselves. In office, at home, college, schools, whatever. We forget to give ourselves a little me-time. So if this year you plan to make this resolution all over again make sure you give yourself some me-time.


3 Quitting Smoking and Drinking:

We all have that one friend who has some sort of substance addiction and in most of the cases we are that one friend. Most of us have that one substance addiction. With most of the working and the college crowd it is smoking. 5 minutes break? Smoking time. Or work got over time to open that new bottle of scotch which has been lying there on the bar and has been calling out your name since you got it home. We are all widely aware about our condition and we want to quit even though we love it. It’s not like we don’t try or haven’t thought about quitting. We all have. Whenever we smoke that one cigarette or have that one drink we all think that it is going to be our last one but that is not what usually happens. We try through out the year, but when new year is right around the corner we make it our new year’s resolution to leave this substance addiction behind. Most of the time we fail to do so. But it is not impossible only if we try harder.



These are only three of the typical type of new year’s resolutions that we make every year irrespective of the fact whether we succeed or not. We try in the first half and then forget all about it. One of the main problems is that we lack self conviction of some sort. Even if there is self-conviction, there is no time whatsoever. Life is so hectic that somewhere down the line we all forget to take time out for ourselves and work on ourselves. We know where our fault lies, it’s just that we do not take time out to look into ourselves. All of these new year resolutions aren’t difficult at all, they just require a lot of patience and perseverance. These two are the main characteristics which make our world go round and make us into a better person. So this new year’s eve promise to yourself that no matter how busy you might get with your work and education, you will take out time for yourself and look into yourself. Me time is all you need and all these goals will fall in line. In that me time you can go to the gym or just sit back and relax and think about your day and wake up the next morning feeling like a brand new person. Me time will also help you to distress yourself. So in the coming year promise yourself that you will treat yourself better and take out at least fifteen minutes for yourself every day, even if it is just before you go bed. Have a new year.