3 ways to become “better” person

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We all know that life is about a constant practice of self improvement in any way or the other. Many of you may think that becoming better can only be in terms of having more qualifications or getting promoted in your workplace. But this is not all that you need, in order to become ‘better’, your primary concern should be the way you treat yourself and the people around you. This is a journey to improve your soul and your compassion toward yourself as well as others. So, how can one become a better person? Read on to find out!

1. Becoming self aware.
First of all, you need to know yourself in depth. This includes learning to notice your current behaviour like how you react to stress, manage your anger, cope up with loss or the way you treat your dear ones. Once you take note of your current behaviour, you can indulge in improving it by making the necessary changes where ever you think is required. Always remember that the change cannot happen if you do not know what is wrong in the first place.

Now, this exercise can be followed by setting certain goals for yourself. If it helps you, write them down on a piece of paper. This will make you aware of your introspective side and help you understand yourself better from an objective standpoint. You can start off by writing about your relationship with someone which you would like to improve or would you want to contribute towards a social cause or do more for the environment and likewise.
After doing this, it is important that you figure out your role model as we know that they are a great source of inspiration and their stories can make us feel stronger and self supporting during hard times. Do choose someone whose story you can easily relate to like a great author, an entrepreneur or your own dad! Find out about their experiences that might resonate with your dreams and hopes.

2. Exercising compassion.
Before learning to love others you need to learn to love yourself first. Self-love plays a major role in having peace of mind. It is the love that accepts you for the person you are and embraces the skills or values that truly make up who you actually are. If you don’t believe in self-love then just start off by telling yourself that you are compassionate, kind and most importantly, you are worthy. This will not only give you self satisfaction but also make you understanding and self- accepting which is a necessary ingredient in feeling better.

It is time that you stop criticizing yourself and start appreciating your features and talents. Always remember that you can be hostile towards others only if you are hostile towards yourself first.
In day to day life, we often see that we are comparing ourselves with others which in turn have a negative impact on our minds.
Rather than constantly comparing yourself to others whom you think are far better off than you, jus take out some time to acknowledge the fact that there are so many people in this world who might be worse off than you. They have much less than you but are far more appreciative!
Make it a habbit of getting up every morning and thanking God for whatever you have and stay contented.
Emotions such as anger or jealousy towards others can cause you to have a difficult time finding happiness. It’s better to let them go away at the right time for your own good.
Learn to forgive the people who have wronged you at some point of time in your life. This is because holding anger or resentment towards someone else ultimately punishes you and not the other person. It is like drinking the poison yourself and expecting the other to die. Thoughts may pop up in your head like you haven’t moved on while they have, but by forgiving them you are actually giving your
heart a gift by freeing it.
One should always practice empathy which is about standing in someone else’s shoes and realizing as well as understanding their grief, loss, pain or sorrow. In such a situation, try to treat others in a way as you would like to be treated in a similar kind of situation.
Never hesitate to show people that you really care for them and love them. Do it genuinely, be honest when it comes to communicating with your dear ones no matter what not-so-good affects it may have on them because it will eventually be beneficial to them in the long run!
Always try to possess a giving attitude to others that will make you practice random acts of kindness everyday which in turn will spread happiness around you. For example: donating blood, volunteering for a social event or helping your neighbours.

3. Choosing the right path
In order to choose the right path, you need to explore your talent which is a skill or some sort of interest, something you excel in and genuinely enjoy doing. If you think that you don’t have any is probably because you haven’t discovered one yet!
Most importantly, do what you love and this is what is going to give you eternal happiness. Nobody can ever stay happy if they spend their entire life doing something they hate no matter how much money they make out of it.
The solution to this is sneaking out some of your time for your favourite hobby or sport no matter how hectic your schedule is and this way you can possess a fulfilling life.
In your life, you should practice self control in order to maintain a balance between work and play. If they are not balanced, then there is a great possibility that your life may seem to be very monotonous and you remain unsatisfied. So try to indulge in these periodically to appreciate each aspect of your life.
Last but not the least, never forget to see the good in others and acknowledge the people who have helped you in life in one way or the other because appreciation always counts!