5 Deadly Diet Mistakes While Building Muscles

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You may think that loosing weight is one of the most tedious tasks in the world. But the guys who want to gain some muscle, gaining weight is also not a piece of cake for them. There can be a lot of reasons like bad digestive system, less immunity to diseases and more but the most common problem is “Eating bad”. What comes on our plate plays a vital role in our life because our health depends on it. Most of us go to gym and take some expensive supplements but still we do not gain any muscles because we don’t focus on eating right things. So, this article is about the deadly mistakes we make while building muscles.

1. Not Eating Enough Calories.



This is probably the biggest mistake when it comes to eating because if you don’t get enough calories, you are not going to actually build the muscles. Just think about it, if you eat 2000 calories a day and then you burn 2000 calories then you are left with zero calories. So, there are no calories left then what you are going to use to gain extra weight. You gotta get more calories and you have to eat more than you think. This is the biggest glitch because most guys think that they are eating enough but they are not because eating more food is directly related to putting on more muscle. So, when you are having a hard time putting on size and gaining weight or you think that it is just your genetics, just think again. It is your eating.

2. Not Eating Enough Carbs.


Most people learn that carbs are bad, unhealthy and poisonous and they are your number one enemy. But it is actually sugar that gives people fat not carbs. When it comes to gaining weight, carbs are really very important. If you don’t want to use the carbs that are available as supplements, you can have some natural carbs like potatoes. Potatoes must be the number one source of carbs out there. You can use mashed potatoes or cut them and bake them. Anything which is mashed or cut down in pieces is going to help you in eating faster. When you are eating throughout the day, you would want to make that process as simple and as easy as it can be. White rice, brown rice, red beans and black beans are also great source of carbs.

3. Not Pre Cooking Your Meals in Advance.


Most people who want to gain weight, are not eating every two hours. They are just eating twice or thrice a day just because they don’t have pre cooked meals available. If you are thinking about cooking meal every two hours then you will do nothing but cook all day. What you have to do is go ahead and cook in advance so that when it comes to eating, the meal is right before you. You have to cook something like beans, rice, pork and other things that can last easily throughout the day.

4. Eating Crazy Amounts of Protein.


It sounds quite counter intuitive because you read everywhere that it is just protein supplements that are going to help you build muscles. The market is flooded with these supplements and guys who are trying to gain weight are ready to spend a lot of money on them. They are also necessary but you just don’t have to rely only on them. But as a matter of fact, you can use on gram protein per pound of your body weight. Anything more protein than this would go wasted.  You also need to do some very intensive workout with it so that your body can break down the protein easily throughout. The body needs workout to absorb the protein. But side by side, just try to pump up your carbs and keep the amount of protein same. Carbohydrates will help you gain more weight more than protein.

5. Permanent Bulking.


Most people think that they can stuck in the bulking phase forever and never lean down. Most of the guys want a bulked up body with six pack abs and want to stay the same always. They see dropping the weight down as a fear because they just want to look cool and get noticed by girls around. But the thing is that if you want to get in a better shape, you really don’t need to keep the body weight just as it is. The weight may go down if you going for abs after a bulked up body. Some people may prefer a muscular body with no abs than a skinny body with abs. The truth is that you actually look bigger when you are lean. You look just a bulky bag when you have extra body fat. If your weight is 200 pounds then you surely have 25 percent body fat. Then there is someone with 100 pounds weight with just 10 percent body fat. Who do you think will look sexier and cooler? Obviously the lean one. When someone has very low fat, he will look bigger surely because then you can easily see every muscle detail in his body. So, you really don’t need to worry about loosing weight to gain more muscle.