5 Habits That Are Taking Away Your Happiness

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What is happiness? Happiness is the optimum state of well being and when you are not in that, goodness knows what you are in. Misery, sadness, a low self esteem and more, you have been there but there is no need to worry because you are not alone. The main thing that steals our happiness  is lack of gratitude. Many of us wake up and say – Oh no. Another day on planet earth! Many of us say – Wow! Another day on planet earth. This thing makes the whole difference. It is all about our perspective about things around us. We have to make the most of our lives because we are still here and bursting full of energy. We all are here to create and are co creators. The life is a gift not a curse. It is necessary to apply more gratitude consciousness into your life. So, here are some reasons that are surely stealing your happiness.

1. Not Surrounding yourself with winners.


It is necessary to make sure that you surround yourself with people who lift your spirit. These are the people who will help you realize who you really are. You can be yourself totally with them. You don’t need to explain each and everything to them because they already understand you. These are the people who bring the best out of you and you feel happy and full of life around them. When you are around negative and cynical people then you are going to adopt their attitude, their perspective about life and their habits unconsciously. You won’t even realize when you you will also become negative and cynical. These energy draining vampires are going to suck all the happiness out of your life because you are allowing them to do it. So, happiness comes when you are in a state of bliss and that really depends on the environment around us. Just surround yourself with positive people and you will be happy for sure.

2. Taking things personally.

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Do you take things personally and think whatever is happening around you, everything is just because of you? If yes, then this is the main reason why you are not happy. Yes, you are responsible for whatever is happening in your life but you are not at all responsible for what is happening out there. If someone is bragging at you then don’t take it personally because it is not because of you, it is because of them. People are not always thinking about us every time. We are the ones thinking about them. Just love yourself unconditionally and let go of what people think of you. There is also no need of giving unnecessary explanations to everybody because people always hear what they want to hear. The day you stop taking things personally, you will realize what happiness really is.

3. Making things complicated.


Do you think that you always mess things up? Do you say or do something that you don’t want to and then feel bad about it later? Then, it is time to simplify your life and know what happiness actually is. We humans have a tendency to make things complicated. We want to get everything right here right now. We want to do everything today. We often try to do multitasking and then fail miserably in it. But the life is really simple but we love to make it complicated. The root of happiness is the simplicity. So, it is necessary to do one thing at a time and give your best in it. If you are doing something but your attention is somewhere else then you are surely going to fail. So, stop making your life complicated.

4. Feeling guilt about everything.


Guilt is the killer of happiness. We feel guilty when we do something that we don’t want to do or hurt somebody whom we love. We feel guilty about something we did years ago. But we have to realize that we can not do better than our level of awareness. The roots of guilt come from our childhood. Our parents played this guilt game with us. Whenever we did something they wanted then we were good boy or good girl. But whenever we did something against their will then we became bad boy or bad girl. So, they used to make us feel guilty for our actions. These things planted a seed in our minds that we are out actions and if we do something wrong then we are bad person. But, it is all about learning from mistakes and not repeating it again. Thats how we can learn better and bring happiness into our lives.

5. Trying to be perfect.


“We can be excellent but not perfect.” We all are trying to be perfect and that is why, we are not being even good. This whole idea of perfection is nothing but a trap. No one is perfect in this world. Everything has a crack in it and thats how the light comes in. We compare ourselves to other people and think how their life is so perfect. But in essence, these people are also struggling with their life and they also have some problems of their own. It is all about giving your best in everything and give up the idea of being perfect. That is how you will surely attract happiness in your life.