5 Reasons why you need New Year Resolution

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With entering into the last month of the year, we all are excited about the New Year. People often plan holidays, takes trip with friends and families, throw some awesome parties, go shopping and celebrate heartily. The chills of the season never take a toll on the excitement people have for the New Year.

One interesting thing about years coming to end and coming of the New Year is the concept of “new year resolutions”. This concept is relatively new as it has become knowable only from the past five or seven years. Before that, no one thought of anything as new year resolutions but only celebrated the festivals with due excitement. This newer yet interesting concept of New Year’s resolution has now become a trend as soon as the December starts people starts thinking about what will be their New Year resolution and how will they carry it out.
New Year Resolution is a resolution or promise to oneself or to near and dear ones about some significant change or new thing that one will start with the new year and continue to do it in the New Year. Often the new year resolution are took by teens but here some interesting reasons as to why anyone reading this article should take a new year resolution for this coming year.
Let us start with the 5 reasons why you need New Year resolutions for the coming year 2015:

1. Brings in some excitement and jest
The first and the foremost reason will be that Hell yeah! Resolutions bring in some real excitement and jest. One feels charged up and determined to bring out a significant change in one’s life and to start it with the New Year eve is an excellent idea. Plus because you start it on a day that you will be remember as the new year eve you can keep checking yourself throughout the year that since how many days have you been able to keep the change alive positively in your life.
2. Helps one in being goal oriented and organized
Resolutions often help in being goal oriented and organized. Firstly they help you remind that now you have an aim in your mind which you decided as the “resolution” at the starting of the year. This thought keeps lingering throughout the year and one starts focussing on the goal and keeps making decisions that help to achieve the last result. For example, if someone plans to study 6 hours each day in the new year resolution plan, then he or she will organize things daily accordingly to fit in those 6 hours of study and this in turn will be beneficial to them. The example of studying 6 hours might sound too bring but that’s just an example. Remember the point 1; resolution can be about anything that makes you feel charged up, enthusiastic and excited.

3. Inspire to change
These New Year resolutions at the psychological level help one to be inspired to bring a change in their life. We all have so many around us and about us that we do not like and we often want to change, but we do not due to n number of reasons. New Year Resolutions brings along the faith and inspiration that you can change whatever you wish to, all you need is a determination, real enthusiasm and inspiration. Let the New Year inspire you and awaken your desires and sensibilities to change.

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4. Self – Motivation
This is a quite important reason why you will need a resolution this year. New Year Resolutions are an important trigger to self-motivation as these are selected by the individual with an individualistic goal in mind. And because these changes are not shaped by outside pressure and agencies, your own inner self will motivate you to carry these out with honesty and complete them. Like if I take a New Year resolution to quit smoking, I will plan it and then whenever I will feel the urge, my own inner conscience will respond and motivate me to not to break the resolution.

5. Completing them is satisfactory
Yes, the another reason why you need a resolution will be that the feeling when you get after completing the resolution for a year will be excellent and so satisfactory. The change which you thought was impossible is when completed after the one year of resolution, provides one so much of positivism. And this positivism in turn will help in giving one satisfaction and taking another positive resolution in the coming year.

Let us for example take a situation where you planned to save Rs. 2000 per month for the whole year, and if you continue this resolution with honesty, you will be rewarded with Rs. 24,000 by the end of the year and also with the satisfaction and feeling of success.

So, while considering all the good reasons why you should probably set a New Year resolution for 2015, there is another side to it which you must know. Although people get excited about making New Year resolutions, these often get failed within few weeks and months. This is normal to happen as human mind finds it difficult to accustom itself to new changes. If this has happened to you and you are afraid that this might again with you, then let me assure you it is normal and you should not let this become the hindrance for you to adopt a new change. Do utilize the New Year resolution and remind yourself each and every day how important and fruitful that resolution will be for you. Do not get swayed by feelings and dropping the resolution in between, if you do, motivate yourself and get back on the track.
Cheers to the New Year!

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