5 Signals That You Have Found Your Special One

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Are you one of these people who read all these relationship guides but your relationship is still a mess? A lot of people will put their hands up for this one. Many of us always talk about “One” but there is no “One”. Actually, there are many “Ones” whom we meet in our entire lifetime and it is the most wonderful feeling. It is all about the One right now because as we change, the type of people we meet also change. The beautiful thing about relationships is that they help us become the greatest version of ourselves. Many people say that they have found the one but then after some time, they say that they did not find the right one. It was a bad decision. But the thing is that the greatest relationship you can have is with yourself and when two people love themselves a hundred percent, the relationship can grow to infinite heights. We just have to be fully aware and look for some signs. So, here are 5 signs that you have found the one.

1. Utter Silliness


It is where both of you are best friends. You don’t feel ashamed about walking around naked in the room. It doesn’t matter what clothes you are wearing, what haircut you have, what bad habits you have or you are wearing make up or not, you both accept each others without any conditions, complaints or demands. It is all about keeping the inner child alive and when two people do that, this is a sure sign that it is going to thrive and they are with someone truly special. There are two kinds of relationships as per my view. First one is the Coca Cola relationship which is the toxic relationship and it is all about manipulation and control without any expansion. Then there is the Water relationship which is all about thriving. Where we can be ourselves and that is what utter silliness allows us to do. We don’t mind showing that person our brightest light or our darkest shadow. We share with them our innermost secrets and don’t hesitate in front of them at all.

2. Eye Gazing


We can stare in their eyes forever without ever getting bored as if we are seeing the universe in them. This sounds so poetical but we get lost in their eyes and that’s where intimacy begins. It is a sure shot sign that you are with someone who you can open up to on all levels. There is a saying “Eyes speak louder than words”. This is very true. You can tell, not very precisely though, what other person is feeling right now by just looking into their eyes. Eye contact is the first step towards intimacy. Love at first sight exists.

3. Not just Physical


Physical connections are common but a connection mentally and emotionally is a rare thing. But when you have a heart based connection with someone then that is a sign that you are one with them at this moment. Maybe not for eternity, but at this moment. It is beautiful because in today’s world everybody looks at everybody with judgy eyes. How much money do they have? Where do they live? How do they look? But when you have a heart based connection with someone, you can not be judgmental with him or her at all. This is a sure shot sign that you have found the one you were looking for.

4. No Awkward Moments


Many of us have relationships where we feel these awkward and uncomfortable moments. But the truth is that when you are with the “One” you never feel uncomfortable. In fact, that silence brings more intimacy because now you can feel each other and connect with each other without saying a word. In essence, you become one and the whole concept of finding the one is based on it. The other person starts becoming an extension of ourselves so there is no two. There is only one. Just having that silence, when you are around each other, does wonders because a lot of times, in Coca Cola relationships we always feel the need to say something to fill the void. When you have found the one, there is no pressure. You can be yourself a hundred percent and actions speak louder than words.

5. Abundance of Honesty and Freedom


Most of us have been in relationships where we use to hide our phones. We can not show our Facebook inbox to our partner. We put our phones on silent mode when we are meeting him or her. It happens in most of the relationships today. But when you can give your phone to your partner without hesitation then that’s a good sign that she is the one or he is the one. Because there is no privacy and both of you are one. Honesty is about expressing how you feel really. The best relationships are the ones where people are not afraid to express how they feel and relationships are not just peaches and cream. However, despite of you honesty, there are going to be hard times but just remember that nobody is perfect. Everything has a crack in it and that’s how the light comes in. If you are not perfect than how can you expect someone else to be perfect? Relationships are about honoring each other’s imperfections and that is the secret.