5 Things That Will Help You to Come Back On Track

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The universe only gives us what we can manage. Whenever the universe sends a massive wave our way, we just have to say – “Wait a minute. Bring it on. I can handle this.” Believe it or not, we can embrace being uncomfortable and move out of our comfort zones. That is the only way we can take an important step towards becoming the greatest version of ourselves. When things are going wrong, always focus on what is going right. Anybody can be positive, happy and courageous when everything is going right but true test comes when its not going our way. Once we let go of the resistance, we become stronger. So, here are some points that we should keep in mind, when we are feeling low because these points will help us come back on track.

1. This too shall pass.


Just thinking about it frees us from all burdens and negative feelings. There are high times, there are low times, there are happy times and there are sad times. But we just have to remember, that whether its good time or bad, it is going to pass. We are living in a world of duality, with both positive and negative aspects. We should just try to transcend the duality every day so that we will even start seeing positive in negative. It is all about how we see. Its the glass which is half empty or half full. The happiest moments must pass away just like your saddest moments. Its all about enjoying the process of what we are doing, not the destination. We really should not see what achievement we have and just get concerned about this present moment.

2. Laugh it off.


We just need to gather the strength to smile again and have fun, even in the hard times. When something happens to us, we freeze up and our whole body becomes like ice. Whenever something happens to you which gets on you nerves, just laugh it off. Just start breathing deep from the base of your spine because worrying and complaining does not change anything. However, the way we breath and see how tight our muscles are and then relaxing them can heal all mental and emotional wounds. By changing the way we feel but also seeing that we have triumphed in the past can give us the necessary courage. So, it is necessary to smile during hard times because it gives you power to change the circumstances.

3. The Bigger Picture


There is so much happening right now on the planet and in our lives. When we are so focused on our own lives, we can get stuck sometimes. Helping other people when things are going wrong helps us in the process because we are now directly involved in alchemy. By bringing someone else joy, that same joy has to pass through us. When it is going wrong, it might be even the smallest things that caused it. We just have to look at the bigger picture and put the broken pieces together again. We have to see that the life is amazing and we should start loving our lives right now.

4. Suffering is optional.


You may fall down so many times but you need to get right back up. This is what life is about. The life hits harder than anything but winner is the person who gets back up and never gives up. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Even in our own lifestyles, we may have problems at work, problems with family and friends but the pain we experience is only in the initial moment. The suffering, that we experience later for it, is our choice. Because pain only happens for a split second and it makes us stronger. We don’t have to suffer because we are not victims at all. Many of us feel that is is our duty to please everyone but the truth is that you can’t please everyone. Go out there and try and then see what happens. You also don’t need to take anything personally, what other people have to tell you because nobody knows you better than yourself. You are confident within yourself. Other people’s problems are not yours. Sometimes, some people may say things that hurt us but we just have to realize that they can not do better than their present level of awareness. If they are letting you down then they are not showing you your true face but theirs. You are not in this world to live up to society’s expectations because expectations only bring suffering.

5. Take care of yourself.


This is what we always have to remember. When things are going wrong, that is when we have to implement self care to its highest degree. Just go to some place you feel alive at. If you love music then go the guitar shop and take a lesson or two. The purpose of life is to have fun and you can take care of your self by having fun. We just have to take something good out of even the baddest moments. Its about transcending how we see good and bad. It is about changing our perception so it means that we have to start changing our belief system.