5 ways to get over a “breakup” easily

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As you all probably already know getting over a breakup is really hard in fact a lot of people consider it as one of the hardest things that one has to ever go through in the entire life by losing behind a loved one. Unfortunately I can’t possibly say or do to magically make the pain go away and make everything in your life okay but what I promise is that if you follow the 5 steps I have described below not only you will get over your ex but also you will move on with your life even better and stronger you could have ever imagined in your life. I know it’s kind of big claim but I m going to just dive into it and give you some tips

1. The first step is to accept that the relationship is over.
This is really hard one for a lot of people because initially after our ex breaks up with us we feel a strong urge to get them back, you know we call them and text them over and over again and even try to figure out the reason for leaving and promising them that we can change and try to prove them how much we love them. Thinking that if they could just understand how much we love and care about them then they wouldn’t leave but unfortunately that’s not the case and actually doing that stuff pushes them away even further because it puts whole lot of pressure and you pursuing makes them retrieve. If you actually want to get your ex back then you have to draw them in, instead of pulling them in. It is a whole different thing I don’t want to talk about it now as it is the biggest mistake people make mostly after the breakup. You guys broke up for a reason and you may not fully understand that reason but you still might to figure it out. The thing is people don’t leave their loved ones unless there is a strong reason to make them do it or accumulation of lots of different reasons over a long period of time. They are also having hard time as well for leaving you. Issues might come back again if you guys get back together. What I recommend is that to accept the relationship is over instead of fighting to get them back. I know it is kind of hard and that is the last thing you want do but that’s kind of what it is and you have to come terms with it.
2. To distance yourself from your ex and to cut off contact completely.
This is also just as important as accepting that it is over because you can’t move on with your life and accept that they are no longer part of your life, if you are still keeping them in it. There are many people whom I know who are still in touch with their ex, who call them or text them just to see how things are at their end and even worse as they check up on them on facebook just to see what they are onto. This stuff is going to prevent you from moving on as you are too busy checking up on theirs. You might drive yourself in freaking nuts by checking their photos, their status and wondering who the new one with them is or what they mean by their status. So cut off contact completely for at least 30 days. Love is actually a chemical process going out in your brain. Love is not just emotional feeling but also chemical reaction in our bodies going on in addition to emotions. After 30 days you will gain some momentum and it becomes a lot easier.
3. Grief the loss.

It is something uncomfortable to deal with. All those emotions bubbling up and keeping you feeling down but until you truly face it and embrace it you are letting them control your life and ruin you. What I recommend is purposefully purging whatever you are feeling to really proactively grief. Bring all those negative feelings to face and give them the permission to really accept them and make sure that it would be okay. These emotions will make us weak some the other or other .if these things are trapped inside you they will keep you from moving on with your life and by purging them you are going to release them and creating space to actually move on. Be okay and get back being normal regular happy self. You have to grieve intentionally to get everything out of your system. Truly feel the loss and be okay with it.
4. Focus on yourself.
It’s time to move on. You have to focus on things that make you happy and do the things you always wanted to do. Use losing your ex as an opportunity to find yourself. Take the time to get control on yourself. Do the things you love to do and explore your interests, pursue your passions and take back control of your life and start to move on and be happy again. Put a positive attitude and ask yourself questions like what is important to you and what is your purpose, use this time as process of self discovery and see this as a good thing and become a better person. Try to find happiness within.
5. Learn from the experience.
Everything in life good or bad is a new experience. Playing a blame game and bitching about them its natural but at some point you have to take up the responsibility and realize that breakup happened for a reason. In a relationship it takes two to tangle and to say it’s all ex’s fault is not true, not matter how convenient it is. You will the repeat the same mistakes unless you don’t learn them now. So reflect in what happened, turn inwards, take responsibility and learn your lesson and use that to become even better and stronger. It will make your future relationships better.