5 Reasons to Hit the Gym This Winter

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There is no dearth of people in the world who love winters. Winters are synonymous with amazing weather, super sexy clothes, smooth coffee and oodles of laziness. Come winters and everyone turns into a lazy lump. Nobody feels like getting out of that warm blanket and doing some work is just a no-no in this season. With the onset of every New Year, numerous people make it a resolution to hit the gym in the New Year and we all know that those resolutions simply fall flat. We feel that simply by taking a resolution we can awaken our deep lazy lump-ish self and do wonders with our body and be a bit productive. Alas! If only that could actually work out. Well, fret not. Here we are with some really amazing reasons for you to hit the gym this winter.

1. For That Perfect Selfie

Perfect selfie

Agree to it or not, we are obsessed with selfies today. We have selfie sticks in the market now; what more do we need to establish our obsession with this uber cool fad of today’s generation? Instagram and Facebook rule our lives almost. Many of my friends are so obsessed with these social networking sites that they constantly keep a check on the number of ‘likes’ they get on that DP. When was the last time you looked at a selfie of one of your friends and wished that you had as hot a body as that person. Be it perfect abs or a flat belly, people do not shy away from displaying their awesome bodies on Facebook. So, if you want to have a great selfie, the pre-requisite of which is a nice, toned body, go to the gym. After all, we all are selfi(e)sh; aren’t we?

2. Impress That Special One

Impress that special one

You like her and do not have the courage to go and talk to her. Well, there is a way you can get her to talk to you. Hit the gym. Get a great body. Nobody in this world hates hot abs. No, we do not suggest going out and taking off your shirt in front of her and thereby, getting yourself put behind the bars. If you have a fabulous body, it would show. You can keep on doing your own work and hitting the gym religiously and there is a huge, huge chance of your crush falling for you. And once, the process of falling has started with physical attraction, you can build up your chemistry further with your inner charm.

3. Lazy Ass? No More!

lazy ass

As we have mentioned before, winters are synonymous with laziness. That laziness gets doubled and tripled with the holiday season, making a couch potato out of even the most active people. A task as trivial as going to the loo takes herculean avatar and becomes a tough nut to crack. We are constantly in need of some sort of a push, in order to get ourselves to work. Here is one such push, go to the gym. By doing that, not only will you reap benefits physically and gain social sanction and recognition from your crush, you also have a chance of breaking away from the shackles of your parents’ sarcastic remarks of you being a lazy ass for the entire day. So, get up and do some work.

4. Improve Your Stamina

Improve stamina

Have you lately caught yourself panting and gasping for breath even after climbing merely two flights of stairs at you college or workplace or home or anywhere else? If the answer to that is a yes or even a maybe, then you, my friend, are in deep trouble. This is a sign of lack of stamina which itself is a warning sign from your body that means your body is not functioning in a proper manner. Lack of stamina shows how unhealthy your body is and that something needs to be done for it. People generally ignore this as they have a false notion that stamina is something which does not matter much and is a very trivial matter. However, much to their disappointment, that is certainly not the case. A captivating personality without good stamina will not fetch you any brownie points. One of the easiest ways to improve your stamina is joining gym and exercising regularly. In the initial days, you will run out of breath even after merely five minutes on the treadmill but that just means the body machine’s de-rustification is under process. So, put on those shoes and start gymming.

5. New Place To Hang Out

new hangout place

This reason is perfect for all those people whose timelines on facebook are flooded with check-ins and who love instagramming pictures of the lip-smacking pizzas and pastas that they have whenever they step out of their homes to hang out with their buddies. Going to cafes and malls cannot only get boring and repetitive; it also leads to burning a hole in your pocket. In addition to that, the cheese and cola just lead to a bloated tummy and that is surely not a sign of a healthy person. So, basically, if you have ran out of places to hang out with your friends, do not have money to shell out on a daily basis, are sporting a beer belly or so you would like to call it when actually that is the French fries talking, you can find an all-in-one solution in gym. If you take your friends along, you would not even get bored and would have a motivating factor to go to the gym regularly and that would just help you in multifold manner. So, do not think too much. Go and hit the gym this winter. It will do wonders to your personality in the ways you can’t imagine.