6 things to do before 2014 ends

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6 things to do before 2014 ends


We all are ready and excited for the New Year and have made plans and lists about how to spend the coming year in a better way, where to go in the new year and what all to do. But before you welcome the coming year, do you not think that it is unfair for 2014 if do not bid it a proper farewell? So here are 6 things you ought to do before 2014 ends. Have a read and do not dismiss these as unnecessary, because once the new year begins, these to-do’s will get even harder so it is better to get done away with them right now, before 2014 slips away.

Read the 6 things to do before year 2014 ends.

1 – Clean that clutter.


Yes, clean that clutter, put out all the unnecessary belongings of yours and let them go. There is one theory that says if you will clear space and get rid of old then only you will be able to have something new. So, put out all that rubbish that you have been preserving until now. Say goodbye to old newspapers, old books, old clothes and stuff and donate them this Christmas to people who need these things more than you do. Believe me, seeing someone smile because of you is an amazing feeling. So make space for the new life this New Year, clear that clutter and give yourself some good space to breathe in.

2 – Forgive and Fall in Love

Actually the phrase is forgive and forget, but before this year ends do something crazy like forgive and fall in love. To put it in simpler terms, this would mean to make up or patch up, forgive your enemies and also get back with people you split with this year. This might sound quite crazy and a blow on one’s ego, but actually this is an excellent way to start the New Year. Apologize for your behaviour and mistakes, text, call or else meet up the people you want to make up with. In the end, life is too short to hold grudges and enmity with people around so forgive and fall in love again. Get around people and hold the relationships together because we humans are nothing without love.

3 – Pamper yourself

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You surely would have done a lot in 2014. You must have gone through happy moments, disasters, heartbreaks, betrayals, special occasions, problems at school, office and home and what not. So this is the time you should pat your back that you successfully survived it all and has made it to the end of the year. Pamper yourself; take care of yourself, of your body, health and inner peace. Take some time out to clear out the clutter of your head as well, delete all bad memories and re-energize yourself with enthusiasm, positivity and strength because it is only you alone who has to face the world. So pamper yourself and love yourself. Go shopping and eat a good meal. Be healthy.

4 – Recollect the Good Memories

Before the year ends, take some time out, sit back and go into a flashback. Think of all the good things that happened this year. Be it small or big ones, good memories are always cherished and will always leave a smile upon your face. So, think of whatever you could recollect about this past year and write it all down. Write it in some diary or notebook and keep it safe. It might sound silly and childish but these good memories will become your strength for the coming years. Whenever you will have a hard time, you can browse through these good times and also re-live them. Personally, I feel one should write the all bittersweet memories, the sweet ones helps one smile and the bitter ones motivate one to face anything that comes your way.

5 – Do something for humanity

We live in a world that is so troubled and in great distress. It is quite impossible for an individual to spread his or happiness into the world and help the whole world, but as we all know, one drop is as significant as the ocean because it is the small drops that form an entire ocean. So, do not wait for someone else to bring a change and “be the change you want to see.” We all need love, care, comfort and lot many things. Before this year ends, share what you already have in surplus with those who do not have even to meet their basic necessities. There a million faces that long to smile, there are a million starving and thirsty throats share some per cent of your wealth and belongings with them and make this year memorable for them. Donate old clothes, books, electronic equipment and whatever money and food you can spare and do something for humanity.



This is the most important to-do of all. Celebrate. Whatever happened this year has happened, and will not happen again so there is no point regretting about what is gone. So put on your party shoes and dance it all off. Celebrate with your families and friends, grab some drinks, have fun before this year ends. Life is not easy and 2015 will also bring its trials and tribulations. But before that happens, shake off all the negativities and bad memories of the past. Do not let this year slip away and end on some tragic notes, make it memorable by sharing love and gifts and celebrating with every person you love. Forgive all your enemies and foes and enjoy this year end. Even if you do not have anything good about 2014 to remember, let the end be the defining statement for your whole year.

Celebrate before the year ends!

Celebrate before the year ends!


Do try these 6 things to do before year 2014 ends!!



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