6 Top Tools for Great Electricians

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Ever tried to repair any electrical equipment yourself and failed even before trying? This could be because you didn’t have the required tools to get the job done. To complete any technical work multiple tools might be required and same is the case with the electrical equipment. To install or repair any electrical equipment multiple tools are required which normal household would not have. That is why many of the electricians bring their own tool-kit which has all the required tools for the job.

Although it is evident that there are different electricians who are specialized in different tasks, but there would remain some common tools which are needed by almost all of the electricians. So, make sure you are prepared with such necessary equipment every time you take on a project.

  • Voltage detectors: Fiddling with the electrical equipment and sockets could turn out to be pretty dangerous. That is why before repairing or installing any wire or socket, electricians have to make sure whether the current is flowing or not. To start with their work, they have to make sure there is no current in the product, that could harm them. Some sockets come with an automatic controller, but voltage detectors also help to make sure if the voltage is at desired level or not.
  • Screwdriver: Yeah! We all expected it in the list. But the electricians might have to open screws of different sizes and types, for which a universal screwdriver tool might be needed. To unfasten and fasten the screws, different blades of such a screwdriver could be used.
  • Measurement Tools: This tool comes in handy to the electricians who usually install different equipment. They generally use measuring tape to establish the points where the fans or lights should be installed. Also, the requirement of wires can be established by estimating the placement of sockets and switches.
  • Fish tape: Wires have to be encased in pipes and to do that they are pulled within the pipe through a cable lube. The pipe could be made of PVC or other materials. Not only is it inexpensive but easy to use.
  • Wire strippers: Stripping the wire of the insulation could be a dangerous task, and doing it with teeth could prove to be harmful. Make sure that you have a wire stripper which not only looks professional but will help you cut through the insulation in no time. These can easily cut insulation of different sized and materials and helps to fix the wires more efficiently.
  • Hammers: This could be the least frequently used tool on the list. But still, it is important to uninstall anything which would be nailed to a surface. Also, these help in installing electrical boxes and nailing them to walls.

All these tools are a must have. Even if you think that a particular project might not need some of the tools, but it is better to carry them anyhow. Although electricians shouldn’t limit themselves to only these tools and buy other tools which might be frequently used in their line of work.