6 Ways to Awaken Your Creativity

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There are times when we are not producing that much but we just need that one day when we wake up and realize that we have superhuman powers. The greatness lies within us. Its all about our emotions and that is the secret to unleash our creative power. We must be aware of the energetic field around us that influence our emotions. The type of music we listen to, the things we are eating and the people we surround ourselves with, these all things determine the level of our creative confidence. We must become aware of our emotions. Do we feel guilt or shame of something or we are confident and happy? We need to place ourselves in an environment which complements our own energy. So, here are some ways to build your creative confidence and awaken your giant within.

1. Just Relax.


This is really going to help you on your journey. So many of us are running around all the time in a hurry to get nowhere fast. Have you ever wondered why so many of us, we keep ourselves busy? There are so many distractions around because that takes you our of your imagination. When you tap into your imagination and use your visualization then you manifest whatever the world you desire. Meditating also helps in calming down. Being in nature, being grounded, reconnecting back to the elements also does wonders. These things help you in becoming more creative. On the scientific level, we have to look at the four brainwave frequencies. First one is Delta, which is our sleeping state when we are dreamless between one to three Hertz. Then you have Beta which is all about visualization and deep relaxation. Then there is Alpha Waves, which is the meditative state. Then there is Gamma brain waves and this is 40 Hertz and above which is a high level brain processing. So, start listening to calming and meditation music because that is going to help you get relaxed.

2. Exercise.


Just by exercising daily, you creativity gets increased. Even scientists have shown how people who do Yoga, their brain frequency gets changed from Beta to Alpha which is a calmer state. That prepares us for anything we are going to experience during the day. Yoga is a metaphor for life. The life is going to do things like twists and turns so we better get ready for them. Once you change one area of your life, every other area of your life mirrors that.

3. Embrace Failure.


Many of us are told that we always have to win and but you are not concerned with winning you can never lose. We have to affirm everyday that i don’t have to struggle to make it because i am already there and even if i make a mistake then it is a stepping stone for me to reach my greatness. Lot of us are afraid of making mistakes but if you are afraid all the time then you can never become creative in your ways. Being creative is about taking the risks and it is definitely not about playing safe. It is about moving our of your comfort zone and seeing that its about stepping into your true state.

4. Have Fun.

Happy Travelers

When we are not concerned with perfection. Yes,  we can give our best but at the same time it is very necessary to let go of trying to be perfect. Breathing deep from the base of your spine will surely help you in doing this. It also helps in putting our mind in that alpha state and when you can just see that once we become playful we have a high up level of creativity. Because we are taking more chances, we are taking more risks and we are taking every opportunity that comes our way. We have to let go of the fear which is nothing but a false evidence appearing real. So, just enjoy the process instead of the outcome.

5. Value your skills.


Once you can place value on your creation then it becomes alive. A lot of us are going through life without any hart. We are just existing. We are not living to our true potential. Whenever you are creating something, just ask yourself – How does this feel? Because its not about the quantity but the quality. If you can smile to yourself then you are on the right track. Its all about loving yourself a hundred percent, trusting yourself a hundred percent because love leads to a very high level of creativity.

6. Find Passion.


Some people have all the talent in the world but the universe is not concerned with your talent. It is concerned with your passion because passion is the catalyst for manifesting your desires. Passion helps us build that momentum. Don’t do it because you have to. Do it because you love to. We have to ask ourselves whether or not we are in love with what we are doing. The more we can begin living from the inside out which is being gently pulled in the direction of our heart, more we begin to manifest our desires. It is amazing because when you have passion you can wake up early and excited because you are going to do something that you truly love. So, when you are following your passion, the creativity follows you.