6 Reasons Why Thoughts Can Change Your Life

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Silence is golden, words are vibration and thoughts are magic. Thoughts are doing so much to us every single day. There is a saying – “What we think we become.” This is so true. We are nothing but products of our thoughts. It is all about our mindset. The right attitude can move mountains. We just need to change our thoughts and we can change our world. Another thing here is that we can not control our thoughts but we can choose the thoughts that we want to give power to. If we have a negative attitude then most of our thoughts will be negative. To become the greatest version of ourselves, we have to change our thoughts, our mindset and get rid of the limiting beliefs. So, here are 7 reasons why your thoughts can change your life.

1. Mind Games


Our brain can not distinguish between what is real and what is not. Everything the brain perceives is real in the body. It affects us on neuro chemical level just like a video game. Everything seems so real in video games until the game is over. Even though we know its only a game, our body responds like its real. Our mind is greatest story teller in the world. It will have us up late at night just listening to it. We just have to realize that not all our thoughts are real. Sometimes, someone says something to us and we feel offended. We start thinking about it days upon days. But it is just a story our mind is making up. None of this is true but our perception is making it true. So, we should be aware of our own little mind games.

2. Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

Thoughts create reality

It is not only our thoughts, it is our environment where we place ourselves most often. If we are eating healthy foods or junk foods, this is also affecting the way we think. We need to place a check on our thoughts and beliefs from time to time and ask ourselves – “Do you love yourself?” It helps us to bring our thoughts into more alignment. It is all about our belief system and our subconscious mind is running the show. We build a great part of our belief system in the first seven years of our lives. What our parents put inside our minds in these years is very important. But if our belief system is faulty, our reality will also be faulty.

3. Feelings affect thoughts


The way we think is proceeded by the way we feel. When our feelings change, our thoughts about ourselves also change. It ultimately affects our reality. When we get driven by feelings, we may get jealous, angry, sad or aggressive and take some unnecessary actions. But when we are in charge of our feelings, no outside element can hurt us because we are strong internally.

4. Thoughts need action


You could be thinking for hours and there won’e be any results because it doesn’t matter until you step into the radical action. Moving your body is the most wonderful feeling in the world. That is how we can manifest our heart’s desires, By Action. Most of us get lost in out thoughts, we sit down and ruminate but we have to realize that the more we can move our bodies, more we connect with out emotions and feelings. This creates more coherency between our heart and the cells within our body. A good way of moving the body is Yoga because it involves a lot of stretching. We can unblock the energy within us and it feels so good. Thinking is what the brain and the mind does. Feeling is what the heart does and that is where the true power lies. Once we can balance the two out, we can change our world. Life itself is not a spectator spot, we have to start playing around the field and see how easy it is to manifest our desires. It needs practice because there is no perfect. There is only practice.

5. Negative thoughts drain our energy


Negative thoughts impact us on energetic level in our bodies. A scientific study has proved that people, just by harboring a lot of unresolved issues, increase their chances of attracting cardiovascular diseases. But at the same time, if we are harboring more thoughts which are in tune with our core frequency, we start promoting more health within the body. Exercising is a natural antidepressant and it does wonders. All the power lies within us. We just have to stop giving energy to the negative thoughts. We have to start reading positive books, surrounding ourselves with positive people and trying to stay positive ourselves.

6. Balance between negative and positive


Many of us have thoughts about heaven and hell or good and bad. A lot of us are afraid from the dark. It is even seen within the language we use. To deal with it, we have to embrace the polarity. In essence, we have to see that it is all part of the same force. We are the positive and we are the negative. We are the good and we are the bad. When we stop judging our thoughts then they pass away like clouds. The greatest way to stop over thinking is to let go of what we think we are. Mind is like a computer so more programs we install in it, more it slows down. So, mindfulness is the only way to keep a balance between negative and positive.