7 Things That Gives Your Bedroom Its ‘Look’

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For each one of us our favorite place in the house is the bedroom. The reasons are obvious, it is where we spend most of our leisure time, it is where we relax, it is where we are truly ourselves, it is where all our belongings are and it is where we have complete freedom and privacy. So of course it should be special, personalized and lovely. Even if you are a mess, you want to have everything in your bedroom in just the right place, in the right amount and right size so that whenever you have to present yourself, say show your partner or friend around or attend guests and relatives you make a good image of yourself. Often we however fail to recognize the basic things that make our bedroom what it is. Below is a list to guide you about the seven fundamental things in your room that make it what it is and tell you how. Read on –

7. Carpets/Mats/Rugs

carpets mats and rugs

Depending upon the size and overall styling of the room an appropriately styled carpet, rug or mat shall make place in your bedroom. They not only give it a refined appeal but also keeps your room neat, tidy and sleek. Rugs may be used to be placed at the front end of your bed or the entrance of the room or the bathroom door. A full sized carpet may make way in your room if it has an exclusively large area, or for that matter, if your room has heavy furniture like sofa and tables a ‘mini living room look’ can be added to that area by slipping a smart carpet underneath.

6. Hangings/Paintings

paintings and hangings

Even an otherwise plain white or pale yellow wall can be given a ‘happy’ look with a good proportion of hangings and paintings. A large piece of exotic painting could bring elegance and class or a set of small framed pictures of you and your people can give a personalized touch to your bedroom.  Other kinds of wall hangings like crafts or handmade wall pieces may be used too. Altogether they enhance the look of your bedroom.

5. Cushions, Colors and Soft Toys

colors and cushions

To make your room fancy, bright and boisterous experiment with colors and prints. Having a set of bright cushions and one or two puffy toys on your bed or furniture adds to the look. Designer bed sheets in bright shades combined with additional cushions can make your room look cheerfully pleasant.  After a tiring day at work or college, when you get home, the bedroom shall be a place where you would like to feel peaceful and relaxed. An ambiance of animate colors will definitely make an impact. However, one must understand two vital ideas, firstly, one must not overdo it. When it is about brightness, the right proportion is essential. Also, if you have a partner, you must consider their tastes and comforts too. Secondly, one must act their age. For instance, it gives an inappropriate image for a room of a twenty five year old girl to be full of stuffed toys or for a room of a forty something woman to have everything in red or yellow. Not everyone is a connoisseur when it comes to selecting the right colors and therefore, one must choose particularly correct ones with some assistance from family members, friends, magazines or internet.

4. Clock

Stunning Frameless Wall Clocks Bright Bedroom Classic Fireplace Mantel

Similar to a bed is a clock’s inevitability in a bedroom. And putting a thought to what gives your time could significantly supplement the appearance of your room. A large prominent wall clock, or a small yet sophisticated one or a designer clock that defines your personality, you must have one that goes best with YOUR room. To grant the bedroom a peculiar nuance of your personality you may also opt for a wall clock that goes with your tastes or hobbies, like a football shaped clock for a sports lover or a book shaped one for a bibliophile or a heart shaped clock for a couple’s room. It is not only an essential object to be in the bedroom but also to be put on the wall.

3. Lights


According to the dimensions and the position of your room in the house shall you select your lights. Apart from a usual tube light it is always good to have a special light or set of lights in the bedroom.  For instance one that has a color contrast with your walls can be an ideal option. Or if your room is not a very big one, you may simply pick a pretty lampshade that goes well with your bed and furniture. Turning on these lights occasionally, like for a party or festival etc. will contribute to its panache.

2. Furniture


Furniture defines most of what a room looks like. They must therefore be very smartly chosen and placed.  The appropriate placement of furniture is essential. You must keep in mind that furniture is selected according to the place in the room and well co-ordinated with the colors and designs of it. It must not make your pad look too full or too less. Moreover they must be updated from time to time and be cleaned, polished and well kept.

1. Wall


The walls of your room are its backdrop. They must be taken good care of. A routine maintenance of the walls is a must. The paint, color and design shall be checked from time to time. Also, the right colors shall be selected. Your walls have the potential to raise or ruin the overall countenance of your room. If you are a couple you must necessarily put paint or wallpaper that has an androgynous shade.  Whatever you put on the wall will make an impact on the bedroom’s look. You must consult a good interior designer, or designing resource like magazines or blogs that will guide you through the right choices. The furniture and decorations shall match well with the walls or it will make the room a dull blunder. Wall is the bone of the room and it must be impactfully strong. The wall shall give your room a warm, welcoming and pleasant semblance.