8 Exercises for Ideal Back Workout for Men

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Getting a V-shaped is always on the mind of the body builders but is never an easy task to accomplish. Most of the people hitting the gym are always concerned about their chest workouts and focus on their arms. It is a common belief that only the chest and arms can help you get a good body. But in reality, the fact is that you should focus on your back as well. The back, chest and shoulders are the three major muscles which help in giving you a muscular look. If you miss out on any of the about three, your results are bound to get hampered. So what exercises should you do to get a V-shaped back? Here is the list of ideal exercises which will answer all your doubts!

An extended Warm up

Pull-up Workout

Unlike most other exercise routines, your back workout requires a little more extended warm up. You need to start with hopping, jumping, skipping and all those common exercises. Follow it up with push-ups and then have a good set of pull up exercises down. The wide grip pull up is a must. You can then follow it up with closed grip pull up and then you would be ready to go for your main workout.



Always start with deadlifts as it would make your lower back stronger which eventually gives your back the strength to lift a little more weight. Deadlift is a simple exercise to do. You place weights on the barbell and then place it on the floor. Lift the weights, arch your back, and then get down again. You can check the image to get a better understanding of this core exercise. You just need to ensure that you don’t bend your knees in the process. Do some four sets of 12, 10, 8 and 6 reps respectively. Increase the weights with every progressive set.

Barbell Row


Take a 60 seconds break after you are done with the deadlift. Let the barbell and weights be in the same place. Next in line is the barbell row. You need to bend your knees a little, move your hips back, arch your back and hold the barbell in your hand. Now pull it back till it reaches your waist and then bring it forward again. It goes in the rowing mechanism. This exercise hits your core back and gives a good shape to it. You need to do 4 sets of 12, 10, 8 and 6 reps of this exercise.

Chin Ups


Yes, you have read it right. You need to do the chin ups after doing the first two exercises. Chin-ups is nothing but a variation of pull up wherein you are supposed to keep an inward grip with both hands being reasonably close to one another and pull yourself inwards. This is one of the basic drill which the military people do. So if you add this to your workout, you are bound to get strong back muscles. This exercise also helps in giving you wings which are the highlights of a v-shaped torso. Do four sets of 10 reps each. You might feel it tough, so do not worry. A couple of sets would do in that case.



When you are doing back exercises, there is this one exercise which will literally make you feel that you are working out your back. T-bar puts some serious stress to your wings and back. You need to put in some heavy weights on one end of the barbell. Make the other end stick to some wall. Hold the end which has the weights attached to it and then pull the weights towards your chest by arching your back and bending your knees a little. You have to do some 3 sets of 10 reps of T-bar to make your back muscles warm and muscular.

Wide grip chin-ups


Pull-ups are spread across your back workout schedule at regular intervals. So here comes another one. You have to do the same chin ups but this time make sure that your grip is a little wider than it was before. You will find it difficult to do this as you will be quite tired by the time you reach this exercise. But try doing these wide grip chin ups for about two-three sets of 10 reps.

Seated Rowing


Here comes the machine exercise that you are supposed to do. You have to keep your back straight and arch it a little before doing it. Put the desired grip or handler to the machine. Pull the handler back and forth with a suitable weight. Do the first set with a heavy weight for about 12 reps followed by a set of 10 reps. Take a 60 seconds gap and resume your exercise with a power set. In the power set, you have to do a set of 8 reps and without taking any gap for rest, do another set of about 6 reps with a slightly less weight.

Lateral Pull Downs


This old school exercise is the last one in your workout schedule. It is a machine based exercise. You need to pull down the lateral handler with a wide grip. Select an ideal weight and pull down the weights. You need to do 3 sets of this exercise. There is no bound on how many reps you have to do on each set. This exercise purely depends on how much energy is left in you. Do 3 sets till failure and this should pretty much conclude your back workout.

Once you are done with the workout, you can do a bit of dips if you have the energy and power left in you. After your workout, take rest for about 20 minutes and then have a good protein and carb rich diet to complete the muscle building process. A good diet is must. Mere exercises might not lead to great increase in muscle strength and size. You need to supplement your workout with these protein rich foods.

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