8 exercises for an Ideal Shoulder Workout

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The shoulders are one of the three major muscles in your body if you see from the gym point of view (chest and back being the other two). These three major muscles have the highest scope of getting heavy gains and thus you can eventually get that dream V-shape like Jeff Seid. But then it is never easy to work on the shoulders. The shoulders workout need some serious strength and you need to put in more effort on your shoulder workout days. It could get very tiring as well. Thus the need to have a proper workout schedule for Shoulders is very important. You need not open a new tab to search for the exercises. Here is the solution to the shoulder workouts. What follows is nothing but an absolute guide for your shoulder workout.

Warm up

Much like every other workout day, you need to start with the warm up. Do a good bit of jumping, hopping, running and cycling to start with. Just ensure that you feel all open up. Follow it up with some 20 close grip push-ups. Then you need to do a set of wide grip pull up followed by a set of close grip pull up. You would be pretty much done with your warm up then. Get ready for the exercises then!

Front raise

front raise

Front raise is a simple exercise to do which basically aims your front part of shoulder muscle. This exercise opens up your shoulder and exposes it to some stress. You need to hold the dumb bells in your hand, placing your hand close to your body and then raise it in front of you without bending your elbows. You can also use a small bar bell with weight for the same. You should do three sets of 10 repetitions of this exercise.

Side raise

side raise

Once you are done with the front raise, do not keep away your weights. This time you need to raise the dumb bells sideways. Quite obviously, you can’t use a bar bell for this. This can be various tiring for your shoulders but then don’t let affect you. It is a tough exercise to execute, so make sure you do it with the right technique. You just have to do some three sets of 10 reps each.

Dumb bell Press


You can take a seat now. Sit with your back straight. Hold the dumb bells in your hands and then keep your hands aligned to the height of your shoulders with your elbows bent. Then you need to push the dumb bells upwards and make a triangular shape the dumb bells. This works on the upper shoulder region. You have to do three sets of 10 reps again. Dumb bell press is a very old exercise and perhaps a very effective exercise.

Military Press

military_press_military press

This is the most basic exercise that all the gym trainers would teach you when you ask them about the shoulder workout. The mechanism is pretty much similar to the previous exercise. The only change that you need to incorporate in this exercise is to include a bar bell instead of the dumb bells. Put in weights on either side of the bar bell and lift it above your head. You have to do this in the same manner as the weightlifters do. The only difference would be that you need not lift it from the ground. Keep the weight need your chest and then lift it upwards. Bring it down back to the chest level. This completes your one rep. Continue doing the same. You can do the military press either on the front side or the overhead military press as it known as or you do the military press from behind. Either of the two would work. You have to do just two sets of 12 and 10 reps respectively. Increase the weights as you move from one set to another. You can also use a machine to do this. Most people find it tougher to execute with the barbell when they start gym workouts. So using a machine always comes in handy in the initial days.

Seated lateral raise

seated cable raise

This is another machine exercise that you need to do. You need to sit and then pull down the handlers of the machine from both the sides downwards. You can do the other way round as well. You can bring the weights from downward position as well. You can refer the image above to know how it is done. You should keep your back straight and in a little bit bent manner while doing this exercise. This is a very good exercise as it relieves you of all the stress of your shoulder workout. But then you have to do just three sets of 12, 10 and 8 reps each. This seated lateral raise is used to give definition to your shoulders. It gives the roundness to your shoulders.


Your collar muscles give you very high aesthetic value. All your t-shirts seem to fit in perfectly if you have the collar muscles. For the collar exercise, you need to place some heavy weights in either side of the barbell and then make a firm grip with both hands close to one another around the center of the barbell with your fingers pointing inwards. Once you take the position, lift the barbell till your hands reach your neck and then bring it down again. Everything in standing position. You should do some 4 sets of 12, 10, 8 and 8 reps.



Shrugs give the finishing touch to your shoulder workout. You have to take the heaviest dumb bells and hold them. Do not move your hand. All you need to do is move your shoulders up and down. It is called as the shrug movement. You have to do four sets of this exercise as it is not a very difficult one to accomplish and wouldn’t require much effort. Your sets should be of 20, 15, 12 and 10 reps.

With this you would complete all the important exercises that you need to build big muscular shoulders! And as always I would stress the fact that exercises alone won’t give you gains, you need to supplement your body with a protein and carb rich diet!

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