8 Negative Calorie Food

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Diets are like the trend, just like the size zero figure that was initially considered amazing but eventually lost its lustre. It also takes extremely high will power and control to maintain, and honestly is not everyone’s cup of tea. When you really put in enough time to conduct a research on the subject, you will realise it is all about smart eating, more than keeping away from an endless list of delicious meals. After the Atkin’s diet, we heard about the Coachella diet, but how do we live off meagre amounts of meat and carbohydrates when we love eating bread with the succulent steak? If working out is your answer, then yes you are absolutely right, but what is it that not only keeps the calories at bay, but also helps you lose weight quicker? Do not even think about supplements! That is an area we should not consider. Anyway, I am talking about negative calorie food. I am sure a lot of you have heard it about it. So here is our dilemma, how can consuming something take away calories from our body? Is that even possible? Do the so called negative calorie food really exist? It does exist and yes does burn away calories. But how? Negative calorie food requires more energy to digest it than the energy being provided my the food, thereby burning more calories in the process. The thermic cost that is, the calorie cost of digesting the food, is greater than, the food energy content.

The only actual negative calorie food is cold water which lacks calories and the body requires more energy to raise the temperature of the liquid. The colder the water the more calories are expended to increase the temperature. Foods that are claimed to be considered as negative calorie food consist of celery, lemon, grapefruit,lime, apple, lettuce, broccoli and cabbage.


One cup of Celery is said to contain about 20 calories. It is rich in fibre and water. It also reduces the chance of ovarian cancer.By the time you prepare, wash, eat and digest the 20 calories would have have been burnt by the body. The very fact that the body requires more than 20 calories to digest the food, essentially gives us a negative amount of energy derived from food. Therefore Celery is a negative calorie food.




Lettuce merely carries 8 calories, that too a cup of lettuce. The dominant constituent of lettuce is water and so it is technically impossible to gain weight from it. The body easily takes up more than 8 calories to digest the lettuce.


Grapefruit is famous for reducing bloating by flushing water through the body. Grapefruit does contain calories but it also happens to contain a antioxidant called naringenin, which triggers the liver to break down the fat molecules. Thus breaking down of calories takes place and thus it is one of the negative calorie food.

Woman eating Grapefruit

Woman eating Grapefruit

Pickles and Cucumbers

Cucumbers have 15 calories per cup. Whereas Pickles have 17. Because of which consumption of such vegetables can be done without guilt. There are no calories to pack in since they are almost negligible in amount, calories burnt to digest the food is more and also because cucumbers are loaded with water so no source of fat is available.


Apples are filling, healthy and satisfy the sugar rush! Apples contain 100 calories and take up about 120 calories to digest that 100 calories. Packed with vitamin C and tonnes of antioxidants, it also helps reduce cholesterol.


Like lemons, garlic does not add fat to the food but tonnes of flavour. It is known to reduce cholesterol levels in the body and contains mustard oil which helps to wash out fat cells from the body.


Asparagus acts as a diuretic and flushes out the water from our body, similar to grapefruit. It also contains a chemical that helps break down the fat cells and helps in reducing body fat over all. Apart from acting as a fat repellent it also acts as an anti ageing product. Asparagus can also be consumed to prevent cancer and reduce pain and inflammation.


Broccoli is high in nutrients. It is said to contain a mere 25 calories  in half a cup. It contains both vitamins A and C, both soluble and insoluble fibres, folic acid and calcium. It is known to control high blood pressure and helps prevent colon cancer. Broccoli is a health vegetable, it is loaded with lots of nutrients. So try and consume it more for the nutrients than for the

Nothing will ever be as magical as this. Negative calorie food is like the Disney channel, it is as close as it gets to our fairy tales. Burning more calories than what we consume sounds like defying the laws of consumption. The fact that all the above mentioned fruits and vegetables are also nutrition packed is an added bonus, not to mention the easy availability. So now that we can finally dive into a bowl of fruits and vegetables without having to feel guilty or do those extra 20 minutes on the treadmill to substitute for the Pot Roast, which one will you choose as your favourite negative food?