9 Exercises for an Ideal Chest Workout!

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The fairer sex is always very demanding. They always look out for the fit muscular men. A v-shaped torso is often one of the most desired attributes of men that the girls look out for. No wonder why all men now have this craving to get into that perfect shape and have those pack of abs embellished on their stomach. The chest muscle plays the very integral part in giving you a perfect torso. There are a bunch of exercises and videos available on the net for the chest workouts and you will always end up getting confused about what to do and what not to do. I have made your work a little more easier by making this little schedule which works on every part of your chest and gives you a perfect shape. Read on to know more.

A bit of Warm up


This is pretty obvious for the gym going guys. But for the ones who are new to the gym, this is the first thing you should be doing when you hit the gym. Some people just hop around a little and believe that the warm up is done. Well, you need to do a little more than that. Start with spot jogging, jumps and a bit of stretching and hand swings. When you done with it, go for the push-ups. Do the wide grip push-ups before your chest workouts. Go for the pull-ups then. Some people might find this difficult; so in such cases you can skip the pull-ups.

Inclined Bench Press


Once the warm up is done, this is the first thing that you need to do. Bench press is an exercise wherein you are supposed to lie down on the bench and then lift the weights hanging on either side of the barbell rod. Start with a light weight and then gradually increase the weights in the subsequent sets. Inclined bench press works on the upper chest muscles which will give you the aesthetic looks. You are supposed to do some four sets of this exercise. The first set should be done with 12 repetitions or reps as they are known in the gym jargon. The subsequent sets should be of 10, 8 and 6 reps. The bench inclination should be about 30 degrees when you are using the barbell. If you use the dumb bells instead, then incline the bench to 45 degrees.

Inclined Dumb Bell Fly


Dumb bell fly also work on the upper chest muscles and the inner part of the chest. This gives more definition to your chest. Hold the dumb bells in your hand and make your hands point the ceiling. Without much bending of your elbows, move your hands to either sides and then get it back to the initial position. To make it simple to comprehend, you need to do it in a manner as if you are hugging someone. It is the same mechanism but with weights in your hand and inclined position. You have to do four sets of 12,10,8 and 8 reps.



This is to be done on the machine. The mechanism stays the same as the previous exercise but you get to sit during this exercise. This is a relatively easier exercise to do and you need to do four sets of 10 reps. Increase the reps as you progress with the sets.

Flat Dumb Bell Press


You are pretty much done with the upper chest now. Time to hit the remaining part of the chest. Get back to the bench and do the same bench press. This time the bench will not be inclined but in flat position. Grab dumb bells in both hands and try to make a triangle with your hands as you move your hands in the upward direction. You can check out some video on how to do the flat dumb bell press to see how exactly you have to do it. Do four sets of 12, 10, 8 and 6 reps respectively.

Upper Cable Cross Over


This exercise is done with the machine. Set the pulling handles to a suitable height. The position of the handles should be of a height which is slightly greater than your height. Bring the handles in the manner same as if you are closing the windows. This exercise needs more of reps. You need not increment the weight too much. Do some three sets of it and you should be ready for the next exercise.

Lower cable Cross Over


The working mechanism of this exercise remains the same. The only change that you need to incorporate is the position of the handles. Put them right below on either sides at the bottom most position possible. Pull them upwards and bring them close to you chest ensuring that you don’t bend your hands too much. Do three sets of 12 reps of this exercise. This gives the cuts and the definition to your chest.

Decline Bench Press


The middle part of the chest is done as well. Now you need to hit back the main exercise, the bench press. This time you need to decline the bench and then lift the weights. You have to do some three sets till failure. Do not aim at maximizing weights in this exercise. Just focus on reps. This gives the lower lining of the chest and works on lower part of the chest.



You will be pretty much exhausted after doing these exercises. So the last one would be to just give you more endurance and power. You have to do three sets of dips till failure. You might not be able to do much of this either but then do not worry. This is not that important as you would have already completed your core workout by then.

Now that you are done with your workout, go and eat some healthy protein rich food to help your muscles grow and recover soon. You need to do your chest workouts at least once a week and at most twice a week. Do not do it every alternate day as your muscles do need some recovery time. Good luck!

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