9 Winter Grooming tips for Men!

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Winter is often seen as the most calm and romantic season of all. With the onset of winter, the feeling of laziness and calmness starts surrounding your mind. You start making your plans for the winter, the Christmas and of course a good winter vacation. You should know that winter might look like a very pleasing season but you do need to put in some special attention to your body and looks in order to make it a really fruitful one. It is never easy to dress up perfectly for the winter and you might end up messing your grooming. Moreover, there is always a need to look at your body in winters as it demands some special care to the changing temperatures. So how do you actually groom for the winters? Do not worry; we have the answers. Here are some of the most effective grooming hacks for the chilly season!

Watch Your Hands


You should always start with your hands. Yours hands are something that would be on display no matter what you do. Winters are known to give you dry skin and you are bound to get the white looking patches on your skin. In such a situation, if you go out on a date and hold the hand of your lady love, she is surely going to get a big turn off. So avoid such situation. Use a good moisturizer and apply it on your hands and legs (if you still feel like wearing shorts!) right after your bath. Using moisturizers which have tea tree oil or the jojoba oils are often the best picks during the winters. I am not advertising but Vaseline is a good pick too!

Trim your Nails

Winters will give you some strange dryness. Yes, you read it right. You have already put on some moisturizer and so now it is time to take care of your nails. The cuticle part of your nail becomes feeble during winters and hence it is advised to keep your nails short in this season. If you have long nails, you have to be ultra careful as they will always be prone to getting broken. You can use artificial nails instead! Why repent and repair when you can actually prevent and prepare? Moreover, you can use the nail oils which are available to keep the cuticles warm during winters.

Avoid Long Showers


It is often a pleasure feeling when you take a warm shower during winters. You simply don’t feel like coming out of the hot water in chilly season. But this is not a good idea. Being under the hot water for a long time can always make your skin dry. This might result in clogging pores which can then prevent the action of the natural lubricants of the skin. This will eventually lead to acne formation and dryness. Hot water prevents your skin from getting all the important natural oils. Hence, make sure you don’t elongate your bathing session for too long!

Your Face Matters

Next in line comes your face. Winters demand some special care and you should therefore use a good facewash during winters. Use a gel based facewash if you have oily skin and use a cream based facewash if you have a normal or dry skin. Another thing that you should do is to check the composition of the facewash. Ensure that it has the SPF properties. Don’t get into the details of it; just make sure it is there! Facewash helps to keep your skin free from the grease and gives you an ideal look for the winters.


Use a scrub

Even if you are not a great fan of scrubs, you should turn to them in the winters. Winters are known to make your skin lifeless and grim. Using the scrubs can rejuvenate your skin. Your skin demands quick renewal of old dead skin cells with the new skin cells in the winters. The scrubs are known to facilitate this formation of the new skin cells. You need not scrub your face every day but ensure that you do it at least twice a week!

Try a new Hairdo

Men's Hair Trends for WinterHaircuts-for-men-2012

People usually wonder what could be the best time to get a new hairstyle. Well, winter is the season for you. Carrying long hair is always a tough task to handle during the hot weathers, so you can always try something with the longer hair during the winter seasons. It is easier to carry and there is minimal scope of getting sweat on your neck. Make your winters stylish with a new hairdo!

But maintain them!


Getting a new hairstyle-check! So what’s next in the list? You should now take proper care of it. This is because hair is more prone to damages during the fall winters. Try to minimize the usage of the hair products like the hair styling gels, pomades or hair creams as much as possible. These hair products can make your hair look greasy in the winter season. In addition to this, you should make it a habit to use your shampoo more than just twice a week. Winters need special care, so use your shampoo on every alternate day. Also, use the conditioners which have cleansing action. Use these conditioners on every occasion when you shampoo your hair. Proper care would ensure that your hair is in the perfect shape this winter!

Don’t forget the Scarf


Men should always make sure that they carry a scarf during winters. Scarf is one such wear that can steal the entire show if it is carried beautifully. You can surf through the net to get new scarf and also search for an ideal style to carry it. This will surely be a great style statement this winter.

And the Jacket!


Go out to the nearest shopping center and try out the fall collection. See is the jacket suits you or do you look at your best in the sweatshirts? You can try them all. Get the most suitable outfit this winter. No wonder why people say that you should eat to please thyself but dress to please others!

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