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Amidst all the six billion people on this planet she chose to be her, she being her with all her flaws, those stretch marks, her 32 not so pearly teeth. The fact she couldn’t sit with her legs down even in luxe hotels, she crossed them up lounging on them. Accepted the body she lived in with all the puppy fat. She chose to be her with the beer in her hand when the girl next to her sipped martinis. She clinked the glasses with her guy friends from the basket ball game, gave them a real high five as they addressed the ‘dude’. Yes she was the dude in the gang, with her ankle boots and washed out jeans. She never bothered to dress up the dress, too dressy it would be. She decided to be her with some occasional eating with hands; she often ditched the knife and the fork. She never bothered while letting her hair down, dancing to her own tune, singing the song that had everything but the tune. She smiled with nearly making her eyes invisible, raced with the guys, and marched ahead proudly. She never fretted on her dirty socks; she never minds a grey or two. She looks into the sun with eyes wide open; the tan can wait to bother her. She loves her skin freckled, its sugar caramelizing, on my face as I am so sweet within. She was a little loud though but the crowd was deaf and she couldn’t help. She often failed to make them understand, they pointed out her lucid ways of making people believe in themselves. Yes she was an extrovert and quite an intellect. She bought big frames to wear on her even bigger nose. She didn’t bother to look the conventional way. She got her hair chopped off to half their length. Now she carries a bob proudly announcing that her hair hasn’t seen a comb since weeks. But with all this and more she chose to be her unapologetically.

We have always been harsh on ourselves to be someone we don’t even want to but because the societal norms say so. Even wondered how easy life would have been if you could be just yourself and nothing else. Just the way you are for the entire person you are. Self acceptance is very important to live life fully soaking in all the good it brings to you. ‘She’ can be you, here’s how,

  1. Be as kind to yourself as you are to others. See your mistakes as opportunities to learn. Notice things you do well, however small.
  2. Ask a trusted friend or colleague to tell you what your strengths are or what they value about you.
  3. Spend some quiet time by yourself. Tune in to how you’re feeling inside and try to be at peace with who you are.

Don’t be harsh on yourself:

Many people equate their inner critic with a voice of reason. They think their inner critic is simply speaking the truth. But if you wouldn’t say it to a loved one, it’s not honesty or sincerity. It’s unwarranted — and harsh — judgment. Always love yourself. Never be harsh on yourself.

Don’t sulk over unrealized dreams:

You cannot change what has already happened. Just accept something’s in life and walk forward towards building up a better life. Thinking about the past and the things you couldn’t attain will only make you feel worse about yourself and will also diminish your self confidence and worsen your zeal to make a move forward. Give up on things you can’t control.

Forgive and forget:

It is highly important to forget all that made you sad. These memories are not worth carrying; they just increase the baggage of your journey and do no good to you. They make you slow as its so many burden you are walking with. Just give up these thoughts and forgive the people who were involved. Make them walk out of your life and never come back. Forgiveness gives you strength. It invokes your will power and the ability to take up life with only the good keeping away the grievances that will never do any good to you.


Smile often:

It’s the easiest way and it comes for free. Smile often more to yourself than to others. More than others you need your pretty face to be shown upon you. Look into the mirror while you brush your teeth in the morning and give yourself a hearty smile. The same smile that you give to others when you receive a gift on your birthday. Isn’t a new day of your life a gift in disguise, so smile while you receive it and be grateful for it?


Keep healthy:

It is very important to be fit in order to feel good from within. Always eat well. Never starve yourself. Weakness in your body weakens your mind processes that invoke depression and anxiety. So keep your body fit, filled and healthy to keep depressive thoughts away. So eat well and eat what pleases your taste buds. Food that tastes good is the best way to combat any mindly disorder or bad thinking process.