You always start with the First: Alcohol Too

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It always starts with one

It always starts with one

It always starts with one peg. Alcohol has become a source for social gatherings. Very rarely do people meet for coffee anymore. The trend is catching up for a drink. But, how many of you really keep it to one or two? Drinking occasionally has now become drinking socially, which is usually every other day considering we tend to socialize a lot. Now, I know there are many people who can control their frequency of drinking, in spite of the peer pressure. The same people have also been called prudes. But as long as we know it is benefitting our health, we can hold back. On the flip side, many cannot control the urge, thereby becoming alcoholics. The merely need the hint of an excuse to drink. Honestly, people who drink after a break up are EXTREMELY lame. Look around, you are not the only one who lost out on love! Anything serious happens and the weaklings just hit the bar with their sob stories. Guys, time heals all wounds, not Jack Daniels! Drinking on a regular basis because of a personal loss or any other reason is not justified. It is slowly poisoning you.  For those of you who don’t know, alcohol does not ruin your liver but also your mental health with time. Alcoholism is a strict “no no”. You have to stop it. Ben Affleck went into rehab for alcohol abuse in 2001, so did Mel Gibson, Diana Ross and Lindsay Lohan. My point is if you cannot stop on your own, get professional help! It is not an easy habit to let go of. But, you need to understand that, going to rehab under family pressure will only bring it back. You all are aware of the ways in which it affects you liver since you all talk about it in like a bunch of doctors. Stop talking and start doing!

Brain, once dead cannot be revived. For those of you who don’t know alcoholism leads to severe brain damage and finally coma. It enhances the aging process. The brain of an alcoholic resembles the brains of chronologically old non alcoholics. It affects women more severely than men. Alcoholism leads to cerebral atrophy. According to a hypothesis, cerebral atrophy means the shrinking of the cerebral cortex and white matter which happens due to the neurotoxic affects of alcohol. It causes Wernicke Korsakoff syndrome, which is what we commonly call Amnesia, characterized by short term memory loss. Alcohol also alters the activity of neurotransmitters, thereby disrupting the neurotransmitter system.
Sad Forty Year Old Man Drinking and Crying

Drinking on a regular basis is fatal. So is excessive drinking on a single occasion. It can cause Cardiomyopathy, which is the stretching and drooping of the heart muscles. Therefore the heart cannot pump blood efficiently, which increases chances of death by stroke. It also causes Arrhythmias which is irregular heartbeat, stroke, increases blood pressure and causes obesity. Yes, the infamous beer belly is not a myth but a fact.

People resort to drinking because they believe that no one understands their problem. That is depression. It is not a cure, the sense of confidence you feel after downing the first peg stems from the alcohol suppressing your inhibitions. Therefore, even when you are not high, it is already affecting your brain. Prolonged periods of alcoholism will lead to increased aggression, self- disclosure, and to realize inhibitions or the ability to foresee a negative reaction. It will deprive you off sleep, make you feel lethargic; make you feel anxious where you otherwise might have been comfortable. It is bound to leave you isolated, no one wants to socialize with a person who drinks all the time and acts out at the slightest provocation. You cannot really blame them. You find yourself getting into fist fights more often. You were once someone who hated violence. This is how much it alters you. It makes you a completely different person. Someone you can no longer identify.It takes away all sense of fear, where in people can harm themselves or resort to suicide. The psychological effects are the worst, because it absorbs every ounce of happiness from your life. You lose out on family and friends. And your solitude suffocates you enough for you to inflict harm on yourself.

Hangover after excessive drinking

Hangover after excessive drinking

Alcohol will ruin not only your health, but your personal life. It will lead you to take all the wrong decisions about every facet of your life. That will increase your frustration and you will drink more. Stop and change your habits. You should become the change you want to see in others. You all are educated, so realize that we only get one life and don’t waste it away without your family. When you cannot hold onto anything, hold onto yourself, think about your future. You are well equipped to take good care of yourself. Everything else will fall into place. Drink occasionally but not regularly.You need to have your wits about you to protect yourself and take the right decisions. Already an alcoholic? Go seek help, it is never too late. Make yourself proud.