Ancient Secrets of Beauty

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Beauty doesn’t die with age. And even if it begins to, it is for us to preserve it in every way possible. This is something that we learnt from our mothers who learnt from their mothers and so on. Thus, our ancestors have been the actual pioneers of beauty regimes. From the beautifully created eyes by the ancient Greeks thousands of years back to the Chinese and Geishas, they have experimented and found results in procedures that are in vogue throughout and some even strange and weird. Their tips and tricks and ingredients were purely based on natural constituents and had no side effects unlike now days when every beauty cream is stuffed with chemicals some of which are dangerous for our well being. The Beauty industry has always remained one of prime importance and continues to be so. So here is a lowdown on what some of the very famous civilizations thought about skin care and the lengths they crossed to achieve the charming gorgeousness.


The animal poo treatment is not at all a recent idea. It has been there since time immemorial. The ancient Greeks believed that animal excrement could be very much effective towards preserving their aging process. They soaked in warm mud baths and used it in face masks. The animal whose droppings we consider could be animals like crocodile or birds too. They also effectively made use of snail mucus to decrease skin damage and even inflammatory problems. Bizarre but must have been effectively for the Greeks with their God-like looks.In other parts, the Europeans associated with their fair complexions naturally desired to try out some different shade to their pale skins. Heading the beach for a tan is an instant remedy, but for the cold regions where the sun’s rays barely touched the north latitudes, sun tanning was not an easy option. As a result some of the chemicals that came to the rescue or rather harm of the ladies were carbonate, hydroxide and lead oxide. Chemicals especially lead oxide was absolutely a no-no. And for ladies who thought the whiter the better, carried leeches whose blood sucking ability left them paler than ever. Wonder if their hemoglobin levels stayed well up to the mark after draining the face of blood.


While the Greeks played with the crocodiles, back in the east, the geishas have been experimenting on nightingale excrement . There is no doubt as to the Geisha artists and their talents. Also their beauty was a matter of great discussion. While we have trouble getting our makeup cleansed, they opted for a very natural alternative. The nightingale dropping turned into powder after undergoing some initial cleaning processes was a huge hit. So next time your make up remover is over, this recipe can come in handy thanks to the eighteenth century beauties. Rust, red clay, iodine, seaweed, henna were some of the ingredients made use of to form a mixture that served as a lip shade. Thus the lips were also been taken care of even then.


Last but not the least the Egyptians possessing exotic beauty. Think of ancient Egyptians and beauty and instantly the name of Cleopatra comes to our mind. The pioneer of the fashion world perhaps, even before the word civilization could be defined. She was a woman who was a woman who was haughty and astonishingly proud in the matter of her beauty and left no stone unturned to achieve it. So much that even Shakespeare and other leading historians and writers were compelled to write about her. In fact, her excellence and beauty can be summarized as below:
“For she was a woman of surpassing beauty, and at that time, when she was in the prime of her youth, she was most striking; she also possessed a most charming voice and knowledge of how to make herself agreeable to everyone. Being brilliant to look upon and to listen to, with the power to subjugate everyone, even a love-sated man already past his prime, she thought that it would be in keeping with her role to meet Caesar, and she reposed in her beauty all her claims to the throne. She asked therefore for admission to his presence, and on obtaining permission adorned and beautified herself so as to appear before him in the most majestic and at the same time pity-inspiring guise. When she had perfected her schemes she entered the city (for she had been living outside of it), and by night without Ptolemy’s knowledge went into the palace.”
Dio, Roman History

The beauty bath or the bathing of the royal women in milk was a common practice everywhere. With the use of honey, their skin stayed soft, smooth and moisturized. Honey also moisturizes the skin. It is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral benefits. Honey also acts like a cooling agent and thus in the already scorching desserts of Egypt, it found extensive use. Not just then but even now we appreciate the universal use of honey, milk and milk products extensively. The Dead Sea has been an extensive source of valuable sea salts, as a recipe for body scrub. The use of oil and lime for cleansing is one of the other ways of skin care in ancient Egypt.

Way to learn from our ancestors.