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Almost every one of us have heard this most renowned line; “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”. Its rhyming and we love saying it. No doubts. But the question is – Will an apple really keep the doctor away? Is it truly so healthy that we do not face any such health issues in life? Well, let’s dig the apple deeper and see what we have got there!


An apple has Pectin, Boron, Quercetin, Vitamins C, A, E and Beta Carotene! All the scientific terms need some explanation to understand better. So, here goes my attempt to explain the nutritional values of apple in detail.

Pectin is a type of soluble fiber which is very helpful in lowering blood pressure, glucose levels and cholesterol levels in our human body. We all know how bad cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes are to our human body since they are almost part and parcel of every family today. Apple has Pectin which helps us maintain these common health problems! It also helps us in maintaining good digestive system.

We human beings also need strong bones to walk stiff even during our old age. Don’t we? And how about a healthy brain? No need to tell why we need it! We just We need it! It is very much essential in our life. So, apples again score a bulls-eye with Boron which is a highly essential nutrient to maintain our bone system and brain intact.

Apple also has Quercetin in plenty. The usages of this powerful nutrient are innumerable. It is very active in saving us from threats of a variety of cancers like lung cancer and breast cancer. The chances of free radical damage are also reduced with the intake of Quercetin through apple. These free radicals are very dangerous which may even lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Different parts of the body cells are damaged including DNA due to these free radicals. Apple fights against such threats for human health!

Apple is also loaded with Vitamin C, A and E along with other Phytonutrients and Beta Carotene. We all know Vitamin C is very much powerful and is a type of lifeline for human beings. They help in maintaining the overall health and also boosts the immunity of a human being.

All these nutrients and compounds in apple help in fighting against damages caused due to free radicals. They also fight against heart diseases, asthma and diabetes. Apples are also very much low in calories and also helps in killing the bacteria inside the mouth when we chew it and thus helps in cleaning teeth and reduces tooth decaying to a great extent.

So, apple is no wonder very effective in maintaining our health. It has a number of benefits. But, Is apple really enough to keep us healthy? Do we not fall ill if we eat apple? Such thoughts provoke me to continue with the following paragraphs.

An apple a day helps us in fighting many health issues as we read above. But, it doesn’t mean that we would be able to completely avoid doctor and lead a hundred percent healthy life. Apple is good. It is healthy but it alone cannot be the aspirin for our life. It is not a magic potion. It has to be complemented by other fruits and vegetables. Not all ailments can be cured by apple alone. Almost all fruits are filled with vitamins and nutrients which means that they all are necessary to maintain a good health.

Potassium can be found in loads in Banana which helps us to have a healthy heart where as fiber is found in Blackberries and strawberries with Vitamin C and fiber. Blueberries too are very good for health and prevent infections of the urinary tract. Beta-Carotene mentioned above is also found in Apricots. So interesting and a bit confused too about the popular saying. Isn’t it?

Let me clear all the confusions now!

We all know now that fruits are loaded with powerful nutrients and vitamins helpful to fight almost every ailment. Yet, why does this saying has “apple” in it? When this saying started bursting out from people to people centuries ago, apples were easily available and also easy to grow. They were relatively cheap too. The storage for apple was not a serious issue as they could easily be stored for nearly a year. Also studies have shown that the nutritional benefits found inside an apple is still the same even after 200 days after harvest.

A point to also mention which is worthy enough here in this article is that the saying originally was “Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.” This was how it was printed for the first time in a publication “Notes and Queries” in the year 1866. Years later the proverb started taking its current simple form.

To conclude, an apple will surely help us in keeping away the doctor, but we still never a mixed diet with numerous fruits, vegetables and nuts. So, never buy apples alone in plenty to live happily without any health issue, but also shop along some citrus fruits and a variety of berries. Have a balanced diet, meditate and exercise. You will surely keep the doctor away!

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