Apps for a Fitter Body

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If getting fit was only easy we all wouldn’t have been this distressed specially seeing those plates full of cheese cakes and puddings.  Exercise a curse and diet a word that cast a thousand knives through our delicious dreams of butter chicken and chocolate truffles. We more then often give up in front of our greed thinking that one day of that lavish meal more harm. Definitely it doesn’t but when that one day becomes an everyday phenomenon it’s a matter of concern. No matter we stick to any diet or not there is one thing we all will always stick to that is our cell phones. Here are some apps that will help you get a fitter body the modern way at your chicest best. As you never keep your mobile out of your sight, they won’t allow you to forget your fitness goal and will get you your dream bod.

what it is: 8-week, 5-km training programmer for beginners set in the land of the undead
why you need it: This is a fitness app set in a parallel universe. This offers you detailed instructions on when to run jog or even stretch in the form of 25 workouts post which you can run for 5 kilo meters straight. Basically these are warm up exercises that will make your body gain that amount of stamina that you won’t let you be fatigued while you run. And this app will also get you the most from your workout and cardio. And your body will keep on losing calories even after you’re done with the work out. As once the body is warmed up its metabolic level increases at it loses weight and fat faster and much more better.

Available on iPhone, Android
Price: Rs.110 (approx)


What it is: Fitness social network
Why you need it:  the best part of this app is that no matter how un fit you are it doesn’t matter , this only concentrates on your next level. This social app in which you set goals for your self and you will have to accomplish that. Mind you, fitness goals they are. As your complete your goal you gain points. So is it a game or a fitness regime? This is the fun part; it’s as fun as a game and as beneficial as a fitness regime. So here is an app that make you lose weight and get that envious shape while you compete with other online players who play virtually but are getting fitter in real with the added fun that comes complimentary.  And you get a sense of mass work out sessions as you are virtually connected with so many people online. So get fit while you play.

 Available on iPhone, Android
Price: Free

What it is: Calorie counter, diet tracker
Why you need it: exercising is important but there is no point working out and then getting home and eating your heart out and balancing all the sweat you vented with all the oil you took in with the added cheese and sweets. This app will help you watch those extra calories that you take in. It gives you the exact value of the amount of calories that is your food and how much impact it will have on your help. A little frustrating though but you have to pay the price for that envious shape and strike a balance between your diet and your workouts.
Available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows
Price: Free

What it is: Hypnosis session for deep relaxation
Why you need it: If the last time you slept like a baby was when you were one, it’s time to enlist the help of an expert. Meet Darren Marks, a London-based hypnotherapist who gets paid to put people to deep and restful sleep. Features include the option of short, medium and long versions, video interviews and relaxation tips.
Available on iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry
Price: RS.175 (approx)


These are some apps that will get you through your goal. But you cannot totally rest on them; nothing can beat self motivation and zeal to get something. Watch your food and your calories by your own. Keep light and eat right. Have meals at regular intervals that fiber rich and low on carbohydrates and fats. Try eating home cooked food in olive oil. Olive oil is light in texture and helps control your cholesterol. Also taking a walk after meals helps. Have green tea empty stomach as the first thing in the morning, this will help you lose weight and tea is rich in anti- oxidants.

Even if you can’t do much like hitting the gym everyday all you can do is run or walk for twenty minutes every morning or evening. Gym gets your body in shape but even if you walk regularly it will increase your stamina and will improve your body’s metabolism making it burn fat faster and not allowing it to accumulate in your  in your body.  Try these apps to help you better in getting into the right shape and giving in your temptations.