Attack on Depression!

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Life is tough. It becomes tougher as we grow older and more mature. The variables that we might have assigned earlier to Life might change as we become more independent and mature.  Our opinions, belief, thoughts all undergo drastic changes that leave an impression for the rest of our life because their transformed selves will determine our life largely.

As we deal with tougher situation in life, we become prone to several mental illnesses that, if succumbed to, can give you a very difficult time. If your mind is not healthy, you cannot function properly regardless of the fact that you are physically strong.

Among several mental illnesses that linger around and wait for an opportune moment to grab your health, squeeze out its fitness, and leave you pale and helpless, there is Depression that is most common mental illnesses that people give in to.

Depression drains your energy, hope, and drive, making it difficult to do what you need to feel better.  It is worse than regular sadness and disappointments you face. It is an accumulation of every saddening thought.

Now that people are becoming aware of Depressive tendencies, psychologists have seen a boost to their profession that is often doubted because of its largely theoretical nature. However, depression may not need clinical help every time. You can battle depression by many ways!

Having read somewhere a very interesting note on depression, I would like to share it with you people.  It gives a peripheral, brief view on the theory of recovery from depression.

“It’s the Catch-22 of depression recovery: The things that help the most are the things that are the most difficult to do. There’s a difference, however, between something that’s difficult and something that’s impossible.”

In depressive state, we tend to isolate ourselves and don the jaundiced look. We avoid those little activities that are, in fact, remedial in nature.

Here is a list of  5 ways in which you can provide therapies to your affected self by “YOURSELF”.

1. Don’t socially isolate yourself.

Depression is ant-social. It affects all our relationships, especially social. In depression, we do not feel like talking, discussing, and sharing anything with our kith and kin. The negative thoughts are strong and they tamper with our thinking abilities.

You must not build a cocoon, lie within it, and avoid social contact. In fact, you need to focus on the primary target of sieving out negativity from yourself and one of the best ways is through social interaction. Friends and family can give you an opportunity for catharsis that most of the depressed persons need. Talk to them and feel light.

If your kith and kin are the reason for your depressive state, try to make new friends. Attend social gatherings, talk to new people and interact with them.

Be social. It will help.

Be social. It will help.

2.  Allow yourself to be more realistic.

Persons in depression are usually persons with very high standards and expectations. It is because of the failure they face that result in self- denial and depression.

The point here is not to keep high expectations at all. What you need to do is to ensure health to your EGO and let it keep your life on even keel. Expectations must be kept keeping in mind the reality. Unnecessarily putting high hopes on something or someone is simply tomfoolery.

Life cannot function with desires, hopes, and expectations. However, there are always reservations attached to all three aforementioned variables.  Situations matter too.

Keep track of reality.

Keep track of reality.

3. Keep a “negative” notebook

Negativity is a parasite. It sucks on your confidence, self- esteem, intelligence, and energy. It works on the “depression-for-everyone-oh-yeah” principle. It influences individual greatly and effects his normal functioning.

So in order to fight depression, you need to whittle out negativity.

Get a small notebook, or a sticky note, jot down those negative thoughts you are currently experiencing, and evaluate it when your mood is not sullen. Assess that negative thought and find out whether that negative thought was worth experiencing.

Negative thoughts are imperative for human functioning. It makes human more strategic and aware. However, unnecessary negative thoughts ruin.

Isn't it an interesting way?

Isn’t it an interesting way?

4. Please let go of I-don’t-want-to-sleep attitude.

Sleep becomes an archenemy when depression takes toll on our body.  While our body demands sleep, we relentlessly assert that we will not sleep. This is a very wrong attitude. Acknowledging the fact that sleeping is difficult in depression but it is not impossible. What actually hinder are our thoughts only. We invest too much on our depressive state that we force this idea of no-sleep upon ourselves.

Stop that!

You must get at least an eight-hour sleep. Force this idea upon yourself if you wish to leave the depressive state.

You need sleep. Do you understand?

You need sleep. Do you understand?

5. Do not miss exercise.

Lethargy becomes our friend, a very dear friend, when depression becomes a part of our fragile soul. Lethargy gives us moments to re-imagine scenes where our dreams were dashed, our expectations failed and our hopes gave up hope on us.

The more we give time to think, the more dangerous it becomes. We need to distract ourselves.

What to do?

Exercise is the right answer. We need energy to work. Depression drains our energy. We need to feel fresh for regular functioning. Depression does like anything fresh.

Exercise is the only weapon you can use in such case.

To gain the most benefits, aim for 30 minutes of exercise per day. You can start small, though, as short 10-minute bursts of activity can have a positive effect on your mood.

Scientifically, Exercise is an anti depressant. It enhances production of mood- enhancing neuro-transmitters, boots cell growth and rejuvenates you.

Be strong!

Be strong!