Avoiding Makeup Glitches

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Alright, so you are one of them who have some trouble when it comes to dealing with makeup. Getting hold of the makeup products can be a really confusing job at times. So many to choose from the wide variety of available options. On one hand you have the different brands of concealers, at another place you will see there are so many shades of lipsticks, blushes and eye shadows. Even when it comes to dealing with price ranges and eye catching offers such as discounts and free offers you are surrounded by a sea of options. You end up engaging in long conversations with the salespeople about which products will work best for you, which is the most popular and then mark on to a few favorites. Eventually you might even end up buying lot more than you planned to have in the first place. And then move on to the other available options once the previous ones disappear from the shelves.

True indeed, makeup is an entity we cannot live without and we love them dearly. As a result it becomes necessary to deal with it on a regular basis with special care. Every individual will want to make use of their makeup in an advantageous way to enhance their beauty. But at times you may end up making some glitches knowingly or unknowingly. These mistakes or blunders as we can call them occur in the process of makeup application and most of the time we are not even aware of it. Only perhaps when your best friend notifies you on the issue, then you realize the mistake. As a matter of fact you are not the only one. Every individual has committed some or the other fashion blunders at least once in their lifetime. And that includes the celebrity fashionistas as well. Some of these blunders we make repeatedly every morning before stepping out of our homes without even realizing them.
What becomes important at such a time is to realize where you are actually going wrong. You need to keep away from trying all sorts of makeup experiments carried out by your friends blindfolded. On matters concerning makeup and looks, it is better to rely on your trusted and close friends for the right advice. Following too many advisers will make you even more confused than doing any good to you. Try sticking to a single and avoid switching them often. You might feel that a certain cream is not benefiting you at all after using it for just a couple of days and then opt for another type in no time. There is a great need of possessing enough amount of patience when it comes to choosing the right cosmetic brand for you. Switching between a variety of skin product brands in a short time can cause side effects to your skin and may worsen your skin defects and problems.
Another matter to be aware of is keeping under control the amount of makeup you apply to your face. People try to hide their pimples, scars, dark circles using lots of foundations, concealers, creams and so on but at the end you end up looking more artificial than natural. Nobody likes a face that looks like a makeup cake! In a world where most of the people are obsessed with making their face look fairer, some tend to choose lighter shades of foundation or concealer that does more harm than good to their appearance making your skin appear undesirable. To avoid such glitches make it a point to apply them in properly lit rooms. Also while selecting a concealer for your face, don’t try the sample on your skin because the skin tone of your face may be different from the skin tone of your hand. Test it on your face instead and look at it in different shades of light. Also limit the powder use especially if you have a dry face as applying powder will make it look more patchy and dry. Adding to it never apply makeup without using moisturizers else your skin will look flaky.

The purpose of makeup is not just to make you look glamorous, but to give your appearance a more natural, well featured and smoothened look. It should give a fresh look to your face instead at times makeup mistakes make us look even more tired. It is obviously safer to opt for a simpler look and avoid unnecessary use of bold colors but at the same time you also need to make your facial features more distinct. This will give the much desired fresh feel to your face. Therefore in place of using plain, monotonous color all over your face, you can slightly define your brows, eyes, cheeks, and lips using eyeliners, mascara, gloss, blush or eye shades. Choosing the right eyeliner color is essential. Darker toned people must avoid bronze shades and silver doesn’t goes well with fair toned folks. Another messy habit you may make is using eyeliners. Especially towards the end of the day you may end up looking awful with that smudged color beneath your eyes. At such times it is wiser to take aid of a water-proof eyeliner or primer which will prevent such a disaster.