Ayurveda-The Art of Living

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There has been times when we complained of headaches,body aches,bleeding wounds,cough,cold,flu And our grandmoms coming to our rescue with a home made ‘nuska’ such as kadhaas,haldi-chuna,adrak shehad and many more to get us out of the beds in a jiffy.Containing stuff mostly available at home,we used to get better in a day or two.
Ever wondered what all was pushed down our throat to make us feel better?It was the applications of ayurveda.Ayurveda is composed of elements such as earth,water,fire and air.
Accvording to Wikipedia guru,it is a system of traditional medicine and vedic system native to the Indian subcontinent.It is a form of alternative medicine. The knowledge of Ayurveda was passed on orally through a lineage of sages in India until it was collated into text more than five thousand years ago.The classical Sanskrit texts Susrutha Samhita and Charaka Samhita are the fundamentals of ayurveda.
Ayurveda has been in our country from more than thousand of years ago.Ayurveda stresses the use of plant products.It is form of healing used worldwide these days with great results observed.It does not use any artificial drug.It does not have any side effects or any repursursions.It also is easy on the pocket as compared to modern medicinal techniques.I believe it is the purest form of healing.It is a holistic approach for the betterment of our body.It destresses us and relaxes our body and mind.Many people usually take time out of their hectic schedules and visit places where ayurveda is practiced.

Yoga and massage is also a part of ayurveda.It helps us to accomplish physical,mental and emotional strength.It also makes us feel good about ourself.It helps us to understand our body and how it is out of balance.It helps us to achieve peace from within.It helps us to cure ourselves from within.There are many people in the world that ayurveda has healed them while there no scientific evidence to support these beliefs.
Ayurveda places great importance on one’s lifestyle (eating habits and daily routine). Ayurveda also provides guidance on how to adjust our lifestyle based on the change of seasons.
According to different body types and ailments,there are different types of ayurveda treatmeants.The most famous ones are as follows-
It had originated from Kerala.This treatment is used to treat diseases like arthritis,paralysis,nervous weakness and disorders.This treatment is done for sixty to ninety minutes for a period of seven to twenty one days.It involves the use of lukewarm herbal oils.
It is a treatment used to heal joint pains,high blood pressure and many skin diseases.In this certain medicinal puddings are applied on the external parts.It is applied for sixty to ninety minutes for a period of fourteen days.
It means a continuous flowing liquid starting from the head.It is used to treat ailments like insomnia,short term memory loss,headaches and mental illness.In this treatment,medicated butter milk and herbal oils are poured over the head.It is done for a period of seven to twenty one days for forty minutes.
Medicated Enema is its other name.It treats ailments like arthritis,paralysis,numbness,rheumatism and gastric complaints.It is a procedure which involves application of herbal extracts and oils.It is done for a period of five to twenty five days.
This treatment has proved to be effective for paralysis and mouth and head diseases.In this procedure,lukewarm herbal oils are poured in a cap fitted on the head of the patient.It is held for a period of fifteen to sixty minutes for seven days according to the condition of the patient.
It is also known as powder massage.It is highly effective in paralysis,obesity,impaired circulation and skin diseases.In this therapists apply special herbal powder on the body.It is done for a period of fourteen to twenty eight days for thirty to forty minutes.
This type of treatment is beneficial in obesity,sleeplessness and fatigue.It also helps to regain the lost skin luster.In this circulatory strokes are given while giving doing oil massage.It is done for atleast forty five minutes for fourteen days.
It is performed in Panchakarma i.e. a fivefold detoxification treatment involving massage, herbal therapy, and other procedures.In this treatment,medicated oils and herbal juices are applied through the nose.It is effective for headaches,skin diseases,paralysis and mental disorders.It is done for a period of seven to fourteen days.
It is a herbal Steam Bath treatment.It is used for improving vigor and vitality.In this,on a specific part of the body,herbal leaves dipped in medicated oils are applied.The time period depends on the condition of the patient.
It means ingestion of medicated oils.It is done as a preparatory process for the purification of the body.The quantity of oils is increased slowly.It is done for a period of eight to twelve days.
This is proved to be useful for gynecological disorders.It is done for a period of fourteen to sixty days.
This treatment is for skin diseases,gout and arthritis.In this treatment,a medicated herbal paste is applied on the affected part.It is done for a period of forty five to sixty days.
Ayurveda is not just treatment but a way of living your life to the fullest.

Greetings everyone!I am Surbhi Sharma, an undergraduate science student from Delhi University.