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Bored at home? Being a couch potato? Same old routine in house, getting up, doing daily chores, then seating on sofa and watching TV, not leaving the place from where you have been settled for hours, it’s quite acceptable but for how many days are you going to be this way? One day, two day, three day! Oh come-on not more than that right? Holiday trip is more ideal option rather than staying at home and cooked up to boredom. Other than that it makes you happy.  Break from a routine in your life. Again it may prove as the stress management factor to you. It may increase the level of happiness you wish to be. Vacation trip to your roots, your village is nothing more nostalgic and rejuvenating.



Recently I planned to go for a vacation to some of the best places then I thought of why not go back to our own roots where we came from? We can enjoy there as well as we get to know new things about our culture, about our existence, our ancestors, etc. and much more. It’s good to know about the past of our family. Not only these thing but some of the secrets about our parents to. Isn’t it interesting to know how your parents whereas kids? Obviously yes! There notorious stories about childhood is pleasing and fun to hear from your grandparents. I love hearing their stories. Firstly I wasn’t ready to go, I was like village oh no! Am not going and all the stuff. Then we all decided why not go there and see how they all actually live their lives whereas we all over here live with all the facilities. Though now villages are well developed in lot more sense. Finally we headed up to our village and the moment we were there oh! My god it was super cool and amazing. The warmly welcome by the villagers, the smell of the wet sand cool house and the best was beach in front of the house with no one else around but just us few of them and the beach is all yours. What else do we want if we have such an amazing thing in front of your eyes? We had the best days there, enjoying to the fullest, though we use to sleep late at night the morning dew used to wake up us all by morning. And the best thing was we never felt tired it was as refreshing as the dews that fell on us. The cool and dark sky in the night, full of stars and moon in the middle, it felt as there is no end to this it was just like an open ended sky. Prettier than ever, cool breeze along the seashore, quiet roadside, just the sound of waves heating to the shore and open roof top with few friends along. “Perfect” was the only word that could describe that moment then. Light use to go now and then but we didn’t bother we were used to that thing now as compared to the heat in city life it was much cooler there even without the fan and ac. The typical wholesome food with perfect breakfast in the morning, lying around in the afternoon away from the technology stuff feels so relaxing. The whole time is just yours; sometimes it’s good to be all yourself. Comparing with no one else around, being you, avoiding the breakup drama, fights and relaxing the way you never did is worth the moment. To actually socialize without social network site, contacting people with no cell phones around but actually one-to-one talk, seating around with everyone to eat food, joining hands in front of God in the morning and evening during the sunset feel peace. The state of mind we achieve then is not comparable, isn’t it? The havoc of traffics in city, the continuous murmuring of vehicles, the internet, just hanging around the sites sometimes leaving them behind feels worth the time given to you with no one around. It’s not I am saying so you should go to village but the peace you achieve there you won’t find at any other place, because even if you go to any place for vacation in some other city you will find the change elsewhere but not within yourself though. It would be just a mere replacement. You will find peace but not the peace to your soul. You will feel relax but not the way you will feel there. It’s just the different feeling you will feel which can’t be explained unless you yourself go and stay there and enjoy that moment of yours. So what are you waiting for pack your bags and gets lost back to your roots ha! Happy vacation! Happy summer!