Beat The Heat This Summer

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Summer is here and we are all wondering how to chill ourselves.The mercury is soaring beyond a level in which we can imagine.It is essential that we maintain our body temperature in this season.Though summer is all about chilling out with your friends outdoors,it is important that you also take your health into consideration.
Recent studies have shown that the increase in heat increases your anger as well.Now you know why we all frustrated during the summer.The normal temperature of our body is 98.6F.Anything above 100F for children and 103-104F for adults is dangerous.During summer,the body has a tough time keeping its core temperature normal.When the external temperature rises and the body begins to heat up,the hypothalamus which is the temperature regulator of our body instructs our sweat pores to open.When the sweat that is formed on our body evaporates,our body automatically cools down.This is how the cooling mechanism of the body works.
But in humid places,the sweat does not evaporate and so the body does not cool down as fast as it should.When the sweat does not evaporate from the skin,it stays on and makes our clothes wet.As this happens,the core temperature of our body remains high.This results in discomfort,which causes fatigue,anger,physical and mental stress etc.f you think air conditioners are gonna help,think again.Well they do but heres the catch.Moving in and out of air-conditioned spaces hinders the natural rate of sweating as the sweat pores take longer to open.So when you step out of an air-conditioned room,your body does not cool as fast as it is supposed to.
Here are a few things that you should do to keep your body cool this summer.
WEAR COTTON CLOTHES:Wearing clothes that are light and airy brings down the body temperature.Cotton clothes absorb the sweat that are exposed to the atmosphere for easy evaporation.This is the main reason why it is advised to wear cotton clothes in summer.
DRINK PLENTY OF WATER:As we sweat a lot in this season,it is necessary to drink plenty of water.As we sweat,we lose essential body fluids which will lead to dehydration.Drinking water helps replenish the lost fluids.If you dont,the dehydration combined with hot temperatures can lead to serious heat-related illness.
AVOID OILY FOODS:Eating foods that are excessive in oil and fat is not good in summer as it makes the body difficult to digest them.Go for light food instead and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.
Here are few foods that you should be eating this summer.
WATERMELON:This fruit is high in water content and helps you feel cool and keeps you hydrated.
ORANGE:They have high water content and are rich in potassium.This nutrient is essential during summer as we lose a lot of it while we sweat.When you lose this nutrient,it results in muscle cramps.
YOGURT:It is rich in protein which makes you feel full.Yogurt also contains good bacteria that aid in digestion.
GREEN,LEAFY VEGETABLES:They have carotenoids present in them which protect your skin from sun damage.They decrease the skin’s sensitivity to UV rays and mend dry skin.Now thats a natural sunscreen.
BERRIES:They are packed with flavanoids.They boost the blood flow to your skin and decrease the skin’s sensitivity to light thereby increasing the appearance and texture of our skin.
CUCUMBER:They are high in water content and so make you hydrated.They also improve the texture of your skin.
Now that you know how to handle yourself with the mercury soaring,hang out with your buddies and have fun.After all,summer is all about fun right?