The Beauty of the Bearers of Change

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Beauty is not just an external asset. It lies in the determination and the never-to-die spirit that reflects through our personality. Outer beauty is just a part of the total aura of beauty that surrounds each one of us.Today all around us we can see heaps of corrupt practices and so many anti-social occurrences. So our society today is the need of positive souls that will throw out these evils.



Well, before I start let me make it clear that I am in no way preaching about anything. Nor am I telling you some holy philosophy. What I would be sharing with you is just some logic combined with the basic fundamentals that all of us think we know about-like beauty, the power of your determination and belief in the power of the youth. What matters is how you feel about yourself; that is what will decide the power of your actions. The only aim that we must, as citizens depicting a true form of inner beauty, have is to make a change in the bad elements of the society.

As the youth of the country, we must understand this. We must know our true worth and our true power. Because we are, the bearers of change.

“If you want a change, Be ready to be the Change” is the moolmantra of today’s youth. Getting out from the secured childhood into adolescence and leading independent lives is the most dynamic change in every person’s life. So to deal with it we-the youth try to bring about a change in the society rather than just adapting the current scenario.


Tablets in the busy hands of young corporate even while travelling in local trains is a very common sight not only in Aamchi Mumbai but all over the world. The success that these youngsters get at such an early age is appreciable.The exposure that they get to media , technology and all the glam-sham is why today ,in India , the social structure is changing slowly. But where is the morally correct behavior and a clear conscience disappeared? Well, unlike what the older generations say, I would not label it is as disappeared. I would rather say that consumerism has conquered emotionalism.

There are many positive chnages that are being brought about. Globalisation is no more just an economic term for the GenNext. Racial discrimination, social prejudices, superstitions are slowly subduing. That is why today live-ins, inter-caste and inter-religion marriages are no more a rare sight. Belief in the equality for women and practising it openly is only because of the rational thinking of the youth. Social background and family conditions have a taken a secondary position as compared to skill and talent.

A very important change in the attitude of today’s youth is regarding education. Unlike the olden times, offbeat vocations are no more looked down to. Though conventional courses are still taken up, the number of young entrepreneurs with out-of-the-box ideas and successful enterprises is on the rise. The serious and conventional office setup is now changing to a more outgoing one.

The position of health and well-being in the minds of the youth has a high preference. Today the youth is more image-centric. Looks, personality, physique, health are gaining more and more importance. But at the same time, the younger strata of the society no longer looks down upon people with physical or mental disabilities.

Inspite of all this, there is something that is totally contradictory to this. A few days ago, a 38 year old minister was publicised as the ‘Youth icon’ .Isn’t this the biggest irony? A country where 25-30 year old corporate ,entrepreneurs ,media professionals ,doctors and so many other people are on the epitome of success still labels a middle aged person as the ‘Youth icon’! This shows us that this glittering thing isn’t gold. There are many things to be done. Youngsters don’t vote because they think that the politicians are fit enough to get elected. They do not realize that being aloof to this is spoiling the situation more. Just carrying candles and calling out slogans in protest is not going to help in any way. It is time to act.  Increased materialistic attitude and secondary importance to personal relations is also an increasing problem. The increased consumption of addictives is one more undesirable change in the young generation.


The youth must realise that only a positive change is helpful to the society. It is time that the ‘real’ youth icons and all the young blood out there should come up as the ‘Torch Bearers’ of the country. There is a lot more to be achieved. And the contract of change is only in the hands of the GenNext.

This was the beauty that I was talking about.

The beauty of responsibility, of power , of a positive force and of being the bearers of change.

Today, unfortunately, many of us do not realize this. In the times of so much of love for airbrushed models, we are forgetting the true beauty of a person. Many of us have slowly started ignoring the fact that outer beauty is secondary to inner beauty.