Beauty and the Beast

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The wordings in the image capture the essence of this post beautifully and aptly. I have titled this particular post as ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for a specific reason. The beauty here refers to the internal beauty that defines a person whereas the beast refers to the self-created complex that many people develop which stops them from going forward and results them in doubting themselves every part of the way. It is not your looks that define you, but what lies underneath is what matters. Don’t let the world decide if you’re beautiful or not. Be confident about yourself, be confident in how you carry yourself and see the change.
Most women, particularly teenagers and young adults develop this self-inferior complex when it comes to beauty and ‘good looks’. Everyone wants to look good, probably the best among their friends/ companions. And when the people around you start feeling otherwise, you slowly start doubting yourself. You slowly start thinking about things like “Am I not good looking”, “Am I not beautiful”. And when nobody around you seems to appreciate your beauty or your looks the idea starts to foster. You slowly avoid going to big parties, you start missing those re-unions which you actually are dying to attend, you basically start avoiding everyplace that includes large gatherings of your know people.
My point here is why should we let people define our image of ourselves and, by extension, our life for us? It is our life after all and we have the right to live it as we want. Why do we let people get to us and mess up our mind? Why do we need somebody to tell us that we look good or anything like that? Why do we let other people’s opinion about our looks, our personalities matter so much to us? The only opinion that matters is our very own personal opinion and that is the only one we should be worried about. If we start doubting ourselves, then how can we expect people around to not do the same? The key here is CONFIDENCE. It is all a matter of how confident you are in carrying yourself to the world. Its all about how good you feel about yourself – not in terms of something as trivial as looks but about yourself as a human being. What matters isn’t whether you are pretty enough or how perfect your hair is or how lovely your clothes are or how trendy your watch is. All that is just superficial. What matters is how kind you are, how helpful you are to the ones around you, how much happiness do you bring to the lives of people around you, how deeply you care. Don’t compare, don’t try too hard, just be yourself. What is ironic is that these days people have to try so, so hard to just be themselves. Should that not be the simplest thing in the world? Shouldn’t being ourselves come naturally to us? Be confident about your looks. Let the confidence reflect and just see how that very confidence will change everything for you. The day you start feeling good about yourself, everyone else will too. You are what you are – perfect in the way God has created you. Don’t give anybody a chance to dictate your life or your thoughts for you. Don’t forcefully change into something that you are not. Never lose your individuality, be who you are, and be confident about it.



Now I know that’s a lot of words which may seem good on paper but not too easy to implement or not too practical to be real. My first suggestion would always be to be who you are but if you do need help to get that confidence back and you are happily willing to experiment then all you got to do is learn how to carry yourself. Every individual differs in terms of his/her physique, features, body style etc. So comparing and copying someone will not really help. Know what looks good on you. Find out what suits you better. Even changes as small as a new hairstyle can lead to a completely different look. Go a little out of the box and try some things out, experiment, have fun! Once you know what looks good on you, your confidence will certainly boost up and you’ll start enjoying life a bit more. If need be, take the advice of that trustworthy and fashionable friend of yours who loves you for the beauty you hold on the inside. Lady Gaga, known throughout the world for her amazingly individualistic sense of style, wrote an extremely beautiful song a couple of years back, the lyrics of which were – ‘I am beautiful in my way, ‘coz god makes no mistakes; I am on the right path, Baby I was born this way!’ now that is exactly what I am talking about. Be confident and happy about yourself, be good do good. At the end of the day people will remember the one who cared the most, who was the most thoughtful, who touched their lives and left behind a little bit of magic – not the one who was the prettiest or managed to wear the trendiest of clothes. It’s the heart that matters.