Beauty Surgeries-a Death Wish in Disguise

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God she is so beautiful!Even at this age!She is forty but looks twenty five!I would do anything to be like her.It this how your reaction has been when you pick up a new glossy magazine or view tabloids in the net.

Surely its nothing wrong,it comes with the age  and also with the fact that the world today tends to focus more on the outward beauty,but we should also know where to draw the line.

U.S  researchers have identified 10,500 individual chemicals that are used in the cosmetics as their ingredients.These include carcinogens,pesticides,reproductive toxics,endocrinal toxics and many more.

Some long staying lipsticks are said to contain fish scales to last them longer.

You would have even come across some companies betting on the fact that they can make you look like a movie star in a day.

Thousands of people worldwide are queuing up  in front of plastic surgeons and beauty specialists to get that PERFECT look.But is it all worth the pain and the money?

Botox.We have always been fascinated by the perfect looks of celebrities.Looking younger than ever.But the  fact that is not known by many is that there is a mad chase to stay at the top,to get noticed in the filming industry.I guess we all know that botox can help you look years younger by removing the fine lines,wrinkles but we do not know that it is achieved at a shocking cost.

Young women in their 20s make up 30 percent of Botox fans, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. And the number of teenagers springing for Botox-coined “teentox”- has risen 800 percent in the last year alone, a recent report had suggested.

If you have ever been to get botox done or any other cosmetic procedures done,the specialists would have satisfied your doubts by saying that they are safe and stay at the place where they are injected.

But let me reveal the truth right from the source.The company who invented botox,ALLERGEN.

The company’s leaflet warns you to not undergo a botox treatment if you are expecting as it would travel through the milk and poison the infant.Hence the reassurances of the specialists come under attack.

The warning goes on further saying that if you are a heart patient or are suffering from any other cardiovascular disease,remember,heart diseases are the number one killers.If you suffer from any neurological diseases,it causes serious damage to the muscles and nerves of the brain worsening the state of your disease.

This procedure is also dangerous for people with a sensitive immune system.

If u do not belong in the above category,these side effects would surely stop you and make you think about your decisions.There are side effects like swelling,bruising,pain ,headache,nausea,flu like symptoms,fainting and many more.

If you are a person with a weak heart,I suggest that you do not read the next line.

Cures.There is no cure for any damage or side effects.If you get it done once,you would have to live with the repercussions for the rest of your life.

There are many people who regret going under the knife.They believe that they have become more judgemental about themselves.There are times when they get depressed and get more surgeries done.There is no limit,hence they spoil their faces beyond recognition.

I agree that there are times when we don’t like the way we look.But imagine would you love an imperfect face with a smile or a perfect face with no sign of emotion at all?

Botox freezes the cells in order to reduce their ageing.That means you will not be able to feel or move your face muscles.At all.It would stay numb.Sometimes the procedures go wrong,and some results are so bad that the practitioners have been sued for millions.Yes millions!

I haven’t given you the dirty details in case some of you lose your appetite but I would suggest that you go through the booklets of such beauty clinics.The truth is surely going to shock you.The worst cases that have been reported all over the world is that of permanent brain damage,coma and in some cases even death.

Can you live like that?

I don’t think so.

So think.Think before you give away your hard earned money for a procedure that would not benefit you.Read the warning before hand and stop others too who are in awe of such beautifying  techniques.

Remember,tabloids show us what we want to know.They would never publish the harsh truths or revolting reality of such procedures.You need to get a thorough background check before you get yourself into something as dangerous as this.Plastic surgeons are the first people to remind a person of the pros and cons of going under. As doctors, it is their duty to clarify any point and to emphasize the importance of following with their recommendations.


Remember always,you are the God’s most beautiful creation ever.Never judge yourself according to your looks.We all are beautiful in our own way.Start seeing the REAL you,start loving yourself.The world would follow.Let people remember you for your sparkling smile and twinkling eyes.Be the imperfect you,because being perfect is boring.

Greetings everyone!I am Surbhi Sharma, an undergraduate science student from Delhi University.