Beauty and it’s True Essence

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“Beauty is an eternity gazing at itself in the mirror.” Beauty.It is a quality that is longed for,felt in the heart and hence appreciated by one and all.It is found in every god’s creation.In the beautiful sunrise and sunset,blooming of flowers,rustling of leaves,dewdrops on a leaf,sound of rivers,chirping of birds.Everything is beauty and it is not just restricted to nature.Beauty lies in the innocent laughter of a child,in a wagging tail of a pup,in a stranger sitting right next to you and smiling at you.It also lies within a good book,a good movie,a journey,or an experience that makes you smile and fills you with happiness. It is a combination of qualities.Everybody wants to look beautiful and attractive today and till date beauty has been the topic of many debates because every person has a different perspective of beauty.


The focus that the society gives to beauty is rather large and hence makes us feel conscious about ourselves.The expectations of the society even changes with respect to sex,caste and religion. We wake up every morning and the first thing we do is check our faces in the mirror for new possible zits,acne ,wrinkles or pimples.

Its a routine that has been formed over the years to scrutinize our every look. Even men go for regular facial and scrubs today because everybody is conscious about their skin and looks these days.Even girls as young as ten are seen going to the beauty parlours regularly. Staying beautiful or attractive is like an art,it helps you to get noticed amongst a vast crowd of people. We believe that what we find beautiful should be loved by others too but as said by a great writer earlier beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Hence,we cannot actually comment on who is more beautiful.

This infactuation with outward beauty is plain wrong and sad. Being an Indian, we have always faced racist comments regarding our skin colour.It is believed that the lighter skin colour you have,the more beautiful you are. Hence sometimes I wish to question authorities which publicise about their creams which can make you fairer is what if a fair person has a face covered with scars,zits and acne and a person with a darker complexion but with beautiful and attractive features,who would they consider more beautiful?Still the former one?I don’t think so.

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I believe that every God’s creation is beautiful.Real beauty lies in the soul and in the smile of a person. It is true that outward beauty is also important as it is the first thing noticed in a person right away.It helps you to feel good about yourself and stay confident.But it would not take you to greater heights if you don’t showcase your talent with confidence and exuberance.It is a part of self development when you start loving yourself the way you are.It also depends on how we present ourselves in front of others.Whether we welcome them with a gracious smile or with a snide comment.Hence it is downright important to even attain inner beauty. True beauty is what brings a smile to your face unknowingly.

There is another kind of beauty in people that attracts me greatly. This is what is known as inner beauty. People who have this kind of beauty have attained inner peace. Only a person with both such beauty can shine.Mother Teresa had never won any beauty pagents nor had she participated in any,but her work brought hope and happiness to millions of people worldwide and that is what I call true beauty. Hence we should also focus on beautifying our inner selves with kindness and compassion for others rather than just focusing on our outward appearance. Being ugly is considered to be the opposite of beautiful.It means to find something unattractive.Society discriminates people who it doesn’t find “good looking” but society portraying such beliefs should also know that the most ugly duckling can transform into the most beautiful swan. We should ignore the rebukes given by the society as they can never be a good judge of character and behavior.

The society tried to suppress Nelson Mandela who had served twenty-seven years in prison but since he had attained inner peace and believed in hiself,he never gave up.He abolished apartheid in a country where it was at its height and became South Africa’s first black president. Even consider Barack Obama for instance.He never gave up on his dreams and became America’s first black president and only in his rule the tyrant Osama Bin Laden was killed. It would be a waste of life and waste of God’s beauty if you couldn’t do anything that would benefit the others.Until we help others or accomplish something satisfactory in our lives we would not know the true beauty of our lives.Living beautifully lies in the compassion and the honour we show for others. Always remember,each and every one of us is beautiful irrespective of our height,weight,skin complexion etc.As long as we consider ourselves beautiful,the world would find us beautiful too. Never let anyone tell you different.Always believe in yourself and do something worthwhile with your life that the society is not left with an option but to applaud you and give you a standing ovation.

“What you do and the way you think is what makes you beautiful.”

Greetings everyone!I am Surbhi Sharma, an undergraduate science student from Delhi University.