Beauty is… You!

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“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”  -Plato

This quote is perfectly said that beauty is the perception of our mind. It is not what is completely beautiful, attractive, but what we see and judge as beautiful, charming.  As per my sense of understanding, Beauty is defined by who we are rather than how we look.


But today in 21st Century era, In our youth and beauty-obsessed culture, every time we open a magazine, turn on the TV, we see how far our personal reality is from the standard maintained by the media. These messages were obviously embedded in me, but I didn’t truly wake up to it until I applied the harsh judgment to myself.

Was I really going to allow these messages to keep me from feeling beautiful and carefree? And more importantly, as my physical appearance continues to change, is my self-worth going to diminish more and more over time because society and these advertisements tell me I’m no longer relevant? These images and messages don’t just affect those reaching  forty or beyond. Young women in today’s culture see more images of exceptionally beautiful women in one day than our mothers saw throughout their entire teenage years. It’s no wonder that eight out of ten women are dissatisfied with their appearance. And it’s not just a female issue. A survey from the Centre of Appearance Research at the University of West England reveals that men also have high levels of anxiety about their bodies with some resorting to compulsive exercise, strict diets, laxatives and shakes or making themselves sick in an attempt to lose weight or get toned and have six packs..

Simply put, we are obsessed with beauty and appearance. And it’s not just an issue of aging. Nearly all of us are impacted by feelings of unworthiness related to our looks. The levels of attractiveness promoted by the media are achievable by less than 2 percent of the population.  But What truly is beautiful are some simple aspects of ourselves, which  are our smile, well-being, personality, happiness and not our bone structure. These are set down as under:

Aspects of Beauty :

BEAUTY, the saying has it, is only skin deep. Not true. Skin is important (the cosmetics industry proves that). But so is what lies under it. In particular, the shape of people’s faces, determined by their bone structure, contributes enormously to how beautiful they are. And, since the ultimate point of beauty is to signal who is a good prospect as a mate, what makes a face beautiful is not only an aesthetic matter but also a biological one. How those bone structures arise, and how they developed desirable traits, are big evolutionary questions.

What’s the first thing a person notices about you?  No, it’s not your intricate updo, your killer eye makeup, or your new outfit. It’s your Smile. Smiles have such a big impact on first impressions. The whiter,beautiful big smile. A healthy, radiant smile is one of the most useful accessories in your collection. It can do everything from make your new lipstick color pop to convey to a prospective employer that you’re the best candidate for the job.

Beauty is Happiness. Do something that makes you happy. Let go and take the time for yourself. Something simple. Call a friend. Go to a movie. Get a massage. You do not need to spend a hundred dollars. Shop, but don’t buy anything, at a flower shop. Bake a cake. Take a long walk. Do something that is purposed for you. When this happens, your beauty will begin to show. Others will recognize it and be drawn to it. You have allowed your beauty to flow.

Beauty and wellbeing are interconnected. In the same way that ink needs a blank page in order for words to be written, beauty needs a peaceful state of mind in order for it to be truly appreciated. Of course, I’m not referring only to beautiful things that we perceive visually; beauty is much deeper than that. Beauty can be found in everything, from sights and sounds, to concepts and feelings. For me, beauty is as much more than physical appearance,it’s the inner beauty , health of person , how he/she take care of themselves, but wherever we believe it to exist, it does require us to be present and open to receiving. Ralph Waldo Emerson summed it up nicely when he said, “Though we travel the world to find the beauty, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” Here is what occurs to me when I think about that statement. The reason we see so much beauty in the world when we are in a peaceful state of mind is because our inner wellbeing is, itself, the true essence of beauty. So really, the beauty we experience around us is actually our own inner beauty being reflected back.

So I guess a more accurate way of saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, would be, “beauty is in the ‘I’ of the beholder.”

If wellbeing is the essence of beauty, and wellbeing is intrinsic, then you, by definition, are naturally beautiful. Accept it!

As the beauty of everyday life reveals itself to you, don’t forget to smile, because really it is your wellbeing that you are experiencing, and it is you who are beautiful.

Take great care. Be Beautiful.