No more Beer belly

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Parties are ruled by beer pong, I don’t think we can have a party without this game, and in order to play this game you need to CHUG glasses of beer. Beer has always been a favourite. For our generation or the previous ones. Especially in Summer, nothing quenches your thirst better than beer. Along with that you enjoy your happy high without throwing up, well at least for most of us. It is an acquired taste and once acquired cannot be forgotten. Now usually alcohol, unless of course when consumed everyday does not contribute to weight issues. Beer our most favourite drink has a really bad and ugly side effect, which is called the beer belly. For some of us who cannot help themselves and drink it on a regular basis suffer from an increasingly large and bloated tummy, which looks like its own continent. So, if you are a 22 year old girl with beer belly, darling it is time to kick the habit and get your abs to surface again.
Abdominal fat is extremely difficult to let go off, so you need to not only quit consuming beer but also workout and follow a proper and clean diet to lose weight from your entire body. That is the only way to reduce your belly fat. You cannot hope to reduce it without working on the rest of your body. So today we will talk about the various ways of reducing belly fat only, particularly the ones caused by our beloved Carlsburg or Heineken or Tuborg.
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1. Cardio is a must

Well although you can go for various intense work out sessions, it is best of you start with the regular cardio routine at the gym. Cardio is actually perfect for you since it targets the belly fat. The main aim is to reduce the beer belly, but cardio happens to be a mix of various exercises which help you tone up your body. So, you should work on sit ups, push ups, walking and running of the treadmill, squats with weights. This will gradually tighten up your body and reduce your weight. The continuous exercising will lead to the loss of the fat around your belly area. You can also integrate other things like football, swimming, rowing, tennis or squash which will only work in your favour and help you lose weight faster.

Beer belly

Beer belly

2. But only with a diet

The visceral fat is harmful because it tends to envelop your organs. Therefore the best and the most efficient combination would be to control your diet and work out at the same time. Now, the first two weeks will be the most difficult phase since your body attempts to adjust to the lower intake of a certain kind of food. You will be dying for all the fried food of the world but it is best not to keep away from temptation. During this period you will have to rule out all forms of junk and fatty food, and substitute it for vegetables and fruits, for obvious reasons. Try to reduce the consumption of red meat as it only adds cholesterol and fat and instead opt for lean meats and proteins like fish, chicken and eggs. Proteins help build your muscle structure and it takes the body more energy to digest proteins, so it is better than red meat. Try and incorporate whole grains into your diet like oatmeal, quinoa and flax.
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3. Stop drooling when you see others drinking beer

You could have controlled when you had the chance and you did not bother. Therefore, moderation is clearly not your thing, so do not try to fool yourself into thinking that now is the time to suddenly moderate your consumption, because you will not be able to pull it off. Keep away from beer, and once you have managed to lose enough fat, then only start consuming it occasionally. This is the bit which will be more difficult than the rest. But keep at it and do not give up. The main concern about beer belly is that it is visceral fat and that usually leads to Diabetes, heart diseases and Cancer. Therefore, it is healthier to have fat on your thighs or legs than having a beer belly. Staying away is the key.
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Alcohol irrespective of the content is harmful for health for it causes the 21st century plague, so it is best to avoid it. The more important reason for losing belly fat is because it leads to various health hazards which in the long run can turn out to be fatal. The more obese you are the more health issues you will be faced with later in life. Therefore, being fat is not a bad thing, it is just an unhealthy thing. Seeing as reducing it requires workouts along with diet, you have to stop telling yourself that the belly vibrating machine works, because that is a lie used to fool the masses for more money. So stop trying to look for other alternatives. There are none. Work out, diet and drink less beer, this will lead to a happy and healthy future.