Benefits of a simple bath

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If we could make a list of all those good things in life that we take for granted, a simple daily bath would probably top the list. Most of us are ignorant about the essential goodness that this simple task brings to our life. Only to point out some of the basic benefits of a daily bath you can name some of the most vital functions of the human body, like improvement of blood circulation, cleans the lymph system, relaxes your muscles, helps in reducing the sugar levels, it will boost up the immune system, it is a treatment for depression in itself, it has the potential of improving the reproductive health in case of men, helps in reduction of stress and removal of toxins and the list is exhaustive.

By virtue of our busy schedule and only a day off in the weekends, it is only natural for a thought of skipping our bath, just like a certain meal to reappear in our minds from time to time. But this is most probably because when you decide to skip on your daily bath, you have no idea what you are essentially compromising.  Even if one goes for a shower daily, it’s usually in such a hurry that much of the essence is lost in the sense of emergency that accompanies the process, however there are ample benefits of a good long hot bath. Hot bath helps you to relax your muscles, taking care of the cramps, headaches, improving your muscle elasticity, even helping you release our stress and tension. This process or trick is as good as a massage and will not only be beneficial for people who have to sit at their desks all day long but even to athletes, in fact it is inherently beneficial and that would include everybody. However, interestingly if this hot bath is combined with a session of stretching after that, then it can most definitely reduce or even help you get rid of the trips you have to make to your chiropractor.


Keeping aside the physiological benefits of daily bath, we should take into consideration the psychological benefits of the most underrated simple exercise, which is also a pleasure. When you unwind and relax while you take bath, it blesses you with tremendous sense of satisfaction and an inexplicable sense of completeness. This will eventually help you pull your thoughts together and face your problems from various dimension with absolute calmness, the precondition to which would be your fresh mind. Therefore as you plan your schedule make sure to plan it in ways which leaves you with a considerable amount of free time to utilize it to the benefit of your mind and body.

One thing to note here is that you should make your bath hot enough; in fact it should be able to induce sweat. As perspiration helps remove toxins from body, you have to ensure that this bath makes you perspire and hence it becomes imperative to regulate the temperature of the water. In fact it is a known fact that a simple regular bath can reduce a person’s body odor considerably and hence the bath can save you from daily exposure to the chemicals of the harmful deodorants. The heat of the water will be separately responsible to kill bacteria and the various viruses that expose you to a number of diseases like cold, infection and a range of other minor but frequent health conditions. The process of bath would increase the circulation in a lymph system which is required for sweating, which in turn will clear the system of toxins; in fact it can be accredited to create a free flowing system where the viruses, bacteria and toxins are removed from the body. This hot bath would help increase the lymph drainage, which in turn will improve your health.


It has been mentioned before that bath increases blood circulation which again improves the rate of nourishing the blood cells to the tissues which are damaged. And the dead cells are gotten rid of by the body fairly quickly, which will increase your ability to remain healthy and at the same time energetic.

Bath induces sleep being the most pleasant exercise and therefore bathing before retiring for the day has developed as a trend throughout the world. Not only has it improved the quality of sleep n case of numerous people but there are certain cases where bathing before going to sleep has been used as a cure for insomnia. Lastly, one of the major benefits of a daily bath which we blatantly overlook is how it improves our lung function. There is an automatic reflex action which sets in with every mug of cold water that one pours on his head. The result is that you are under pressure to take deep breaths with very quick pauses. Herein comes the benefit of a cold water bath as every time your body comes in contact with cold water, the instant response is to hold your breath for a while which is followed by deep and heavy exhalation. This process will result in opening up of the lungs, increasing the oxygen intake which basically accounts for a good exercise for lungs. Hence these are some of the major benefits of both hot and cold water bath but the essence lies in availing this luxury daily, so do not skip your bath because you deserve it after the day’s hard work.