The Best Things in Life

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The best things in life are free. Everyone has heard this quote at some point. How many of us have pondered over it and tried to gather its true essence? The quote is significant and relevant even today and it will remain so for the next few centuries. The most important thing in our life is time. Are we careful and cautious in spending our time ? Do we make optimum use of the 24 hours we are blesssed with everyday? It is imperative that we keep track of how we spend our time.
“ A man should take more care of how he spends his time than his money. Money mistakes can be corrected but time that is spent is lost forever… “

We have to complete the tasks that are assigned to us on a daily basis and also do things we find pleasurable. Pleasurable tasks aren’t always expensive.There are many things that money can’t buy. Here is a list of a few things that make people happy and they aren’t very hard on the pockets.

Time with friends
Meet up and spend time with your friends. It makes you feel good. They know you inside out and spending time with close buddies makes you feel happier and more connected. Talking, gossiping and even arguing with your friends brings back a ton of memories and makes you feel younger in more ways than one

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Family time:
Spending time with your family is also very essential. Spend some time talking to your close relatives about how your life is shaping up. They are your well wishers and will be delighted to learn of any progress in your life. Take a break from your routine life and take that long pending vacation. It will give you some time to bond and have fun.
If not a vacation at least a game of cards with your family will give you some time to bond. Take an effort to spend some time doing things together.

Do your best
Giving your best at work ensures that you get good results. Work with passion and interest. The sense of satisfaction you gain after putting in a entire days hard work for your school/ college/office work cannot be replaced by anything else. Even if your results aren’t as good as you expected them to be. You will always know that you gave it your best. There will be no regrets.
“The harder you work, the luckier you get.” It is true. Hard work increases your chances of success.
“It is persistence that gives the one who uses it a mathematical edge on his fellow. He is making the LAWS OF CHANCE work for him. “

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The healing power of music:
Music is the truest expression of the soul. Listen to a few good songs and watch your mood brighten up in minutes. After a long tiring day at work a few good songs are all you need to feel refreshed and revived. Listening to vibrant songs changes your mood instantly.

Talking therapy
Talk to somebody on a daily basis. Tell this person about your day in general. This person could be a parent, friend, cousin, colleague or even your pet. Make sure there are no jugdements passed. Talking about your day to day issues tends to siphon out some of your pent up stress. Also as someone is aware of all the events in your life  they can help you in taking decisions. More often than not these are the decisions you would never have been able to take on your own. Somebody’s constant support in your life will make you feel cherished. What are you waiting for ? Find your “talking therapist” today!

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Lend your ears
While talking is essential it is more important to listen to what other people have to say. You grow more by listening to others than by talking. Take in ideas and opinions expressed by others. It widens your perspective and gives you a new angle to analyze things. Keep your ears and mind always wide open for anything new. When you are consciously listening you will be surprised to see how much knowledge you can gain by just paying attention to the seemingly unimportant chatter of your colleagues , friends or family.
So finally if you are able to spend your time well, you will truly have the best in life. The only thing that distinguishes the average person from the best is how he spends his time. Try to consciously spend your time doing things which are useful and instrumental in helping you achieve your long term goals. Once the heavy work is done you will be left with plenty of time to do things you like.  There is a saying which goes ” Do the difficult tasks first.  Leave the pleasurable one’s for later times.” So lets take an effort to finish all our uninteresting tasks quickly and  spend time doing things which will remain forever in our minds as memories.


I am a third year Electronics and Communication Engineering student with a passion for literature. I am an avid reader ;particularly fascinated by modern fiction . I love to pen short pieces about day to day occurrences.