Best Workouts to Gain Muscle

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There’s always this one fellow in our friend-circle who eats and lot. And by a lot, I mean a lot of anything including the junk foods, fast-food, chocolates, burgers, pizzas and literally everything what their tongue demands and their hands could reach out. Anyway, my point is, this one fellow never becomes fat in spite of all that stuffing. For a group of non-exercising lazytards which most of us are, this is a boon, but ask someone who really wants to gain some weight and is tired of trying out all the trials. So, this article is dedicated to you non-gaining humans. Brace yourself, as you’re gonna be a hunk if you could just follow the following instructions and exercises.

Inclined Bench Press. I guess anyone who has been to any gym at any point of time in his life must have been familiar with the term bench press. Bench press is the most popular exercise for building the upper body including chest, triceps, shoulders, core etcetera. It is quite good for improving strength. But, for mass building, inclined bench press beats it. In addition to the muscle worked out by bench press, the inclined bench adds mass even to the upper chest, which normal flat benching can’t do. This exercise could be implemented with the regular benching day. Start with light warming up sets and go as heavy as you can. Preferably, inclined bench press should be done at the beginning of the training schedules.


The Front Squat. Squats are the exercises which at one go target the most number of muscles at a time. Squat heavy and you’ll feel all your muscles getting tensed, not just the legs, including the biceps which don’t seem to have any connection with squat. Front squat is just another variant of squats, where you keep the loaded barbell at your deltoids – right at your front, that’s why we call it front squat. Anyway, apart from giving the regular stress upon the quads and hamstring muscles, front squats also put the front deltoids and abs under a lot of tension. In fact if your body fat percentage is low enough, a few week intense and heavy training of front squats would make your abs pop out. Moreover, the quadriceps mass comes quickly by squatting the front way rather than the back.


Pull-ups. Yes man pull-ups. Most people can’t do a single pull up. Pull-ups are the shortcut to bigger guns. Pull-ups are the shortcut to a broad back and an attractive V-shaped body. There are always some people who just stick themselves to the lats pull-down machine. They’ll keep pulling and see no gain what you can get in a month of pull-up implementation to your routing. The good thing about pull-ups is that they also indulge the forearms, which are otherwise ignored in many exercises. Initially, you might have some swinging problems, but that’ll be eliminated pretty soon and you’ll also have a strong core. 3 sets of 10 each for an expert, while for a beginner, 20 pull-ups every alternate day is enough. Take as many sets as you need, but complete those 20 reps.


The Romanian Deadlift. We know what a conventional deadlift is. There is a loaded barbell on the ground right at your front and you have to lift it. As simple as that. But do you know that just by varying the way you lift the weight, you can add up more mass to your body? Pick up the weight and start. You have to lower it all the way down with the shin bones and then lift it up, keeping it close to the body and keeping your knees at not less than the angle of 150 degrees. Correct form is important to make it hit the muscles the right way. Go slowly and then come up. The important point here is that the back should be arched all the time. A little bend and you won’t have all those benefits.

romanian deadlift

The Hammer Curls. Build your biceps, triceps, forearms and confidence at one go. This is your one in all solution to all small arm problems. Go slowly, and focus on the mind upon building the muscles, visualize them to be working out. Doing fat grips dumbbell curls will further enhance the gain. I mean, if you could wrap something around the grip of the dumbbell to make it fat, you’ll be having a better workout. You can wrap around a thick towel several times around the grip to make it thick.


The regular dumbbell shoulder press – standing. A really great way to add mass to the deltoids. A deltoid has three major muscles, the biggest one being the front deltoid and shoulder press hits that biggest one. Barbell shoulder press could be an alternative, but prefer dumbbell-press as the motion involved in it is more natural.


Rowing – single armed. If you want a massive back, you must implement rowing in your schedule. Single armed rowing from dumbbells is the best way to add mass because it again involves a more natural motion. Also, single arm rowing helps in diluting out all the dissymmetry if any at the back.


That was all for now, good luck for your mass gaining routine. EAT, TRAIN, SLEEP and REPEAT.

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