Towards a Positive and Unique Approach

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“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then you can go ahead and do that because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”This is a very apt saying by Harold Whitman. Is there something that you had the desire to do but didn’t go ahead and do it? Reason being the people around you with whom your aspirations did not comply. As a result you give up completely. Extreme under confidence and self doubt are prime reasons leading to such an attitude.
When you constantly depend on others opinions or seek outside approval to feel confident and right. You must have the courage to follow your dreams. After all being unique is not a crime. There is never any need to feel scared of being the only one left out.
Robin Sharma in his book Daily Inspiration talks of how you should put a stop to bending to the demands of social and peer pressure at the expense of your own dreams and opinions. According to him, people who have succeeded in various walks of life never looked back once they set out in their chosen path. It is true people have criticized them in every walks of their life, but instead of being demoralized they took to the challenge and chose to keep moving ahead. Rather than following a trend, they dared to set their own trend. Consider the example of the great social reformer Savitribai Phule who opened up the first ever school for the girls in Pune. Naturally she was led to much opposition from the so called social monitors and constantly forced to close down this school. But there was no looking back for Savitribai as she never paid heed to any single protest, so much so that she even chose to bear the brunt of the people and the hurling of stones to stand for her noble cause. Had she put her foot down and succumbed to their demands, the scenario could have been different not only then but even now..
There will always be that dilemma where you have to make a choice between what you want to do or feel like doing and what others will want of you. But then here is where the concept of self awareness comes into picture. All we need to do is follow what our heart says. Usually we get extremely engrossed in moving on with life and comprehending it. On the run we make small blunders. Small, yet important ones, which can slowly cause a huge difference in our lives. We need to understand the meaning of the existence of our life and in the process we end up ignoring our inner voice and wishes that would have made our life more joyful.
It is a common scenario in cases where kids are pressurized to join an institution or course which they do not comply with. Let’s say we have a guy who wants to get into journalism and he has been actually too good with his languages. But thinking about the social pressures, where our neighbors and relatives will say ”Why did you put him in a course of mass media. Such a bright boy would definitely get into an excellent engineering or medical school. That is what he deserved.” This guy for whom exploring the world through writing or the journalist’s eye meant everything in the world is forced to accept a science course. In case of any kind of failure or the events of growing dissatisfaction that follow thereafter, who is to be blamed? Sounds similar to the movie 3 idiots? Here is a young woman who is ambitious and ready to cross every hurdle to cross the extra miles, but is quite hot-tempered. She would like to get in a certain corporate office. But she is willing to strive hard towards improving her aggressiveness. She is already a person who believes in good ideals, is orderly and readily hard-working. Thus, instead of bothering what others think of her behavior and where she may cause problems, she must choose to work hard, study with dedication and continue being determined to ultimately get into her spot. With meditation and mind exercise coupled with self determination it is not impossible. Thus, with such self improvement, she is able to achieve her ultimate achievement and create a bright future.

When you follow your heart rather than think of what your mind is indicating, you end up being a happy person and with that spread the positive vibes all around you. A person who is driven by his heart is unknowingly benefiting the world too. Such people never get demotivated and keep doing what they love in spite of the hardships faced, or the small pay scale or the people around them who try to make their life harder. This is what true love is. This is how you can show true love to yourself. If you make it a point to enjoy life, live up to your dreams, you will be surprised by the feeling of hope around you. So when you start doubting your decisions and have any kind of fear, just place your hand near your heart and say-“All is Well!”