Books Versus the Internet

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Read, Re-read , Revise- haven’t you heard this a hundreds and thousands of times when you were a kid back then who went to school every other day? Parents, relatives, neighbours and who’s-who tortured and tampered with all your inclinations and tried to make you fall in love with the habit of studying. And still, you managed to scrape through all the hassles of reading those boring chapters and managed to pass out. But now, you are all alone; working somewhere, on the path of creating of your own identity, your own mark in the big world.

It is time you grow up and realise that you may have managed through the initial stages of your education without reading much; but, not now. There is a big ocean of knowledge that a book provides you with. A book is blessed with multiple dimensions of not just literal knowledge, but also the knowledge of expanding your horizons by sharpening your ability to imagine and aspire.

Well, to be precise let’s say that a book gives you what no other thing in this world can. You may argue that the Internet is far better. Well in terms of entertainment and visual pleasures, it is. But n terms of knowledge, and the depth and clarity of information-it is no match for a book. Lets not forget that while the Internet was born and flourished just some decades ago, books are in use since centuries. So you may say that the book is the Parent, the source, while the Internet is its child that is still blooming.


Okay. I guess I have managed to get my point through. Now that we are talking in depth about the difference between books and the Internet we cannot ignore the element of availability. You can carry a book anywhere- from your house to your workplace to your native place and to that horrendous place that you have to visit every year just because your family does. And mind you, a book does NOT require anything no electricity, not net connection and absolutely so other thing. The idea that one can carry in one’s pocket a play by Shakespeare, a novel by Charles Dickens, Plato’s Dialogues, or the Bible in a small paperback edition is the best you can get. But to access the internet you need a device, it maybe your desktop computer or your cellphone or anything that has a data connection. Also, does not give your readymade information, you have to search and analyse it according to your understanding of the subject. On the other hand, a book lends you a broad perspective and a thorough idea about what exactly the topic handles and what it doesn’t.

Another very important aspect is that the internet gives you knowledge, while a book gives you a knowledge with an experience. While reading a book, you realise that you felt as if you have experienced everything that has been described in the book yourself. The internet gives you a third person view while the book gives you a first hand experience.

The Internet resembles the television in the point that it takes your time away from other pursuits, provides entertainment and information, but in no way can compete with the warm and personal experience that a good book blesses you with. We can download any amount of text from any Internet source, but the aesthetic and quality of sheets of downloaded text leave much to be desired. A well-designed book enhances the reading experience and makes your read worthwhile.

We are so amazed with the internet these days that we forget to realise the fact that the art of making and writing a book itself has gone through a quite an evolution since the production of the Bible by Gutenberg in 1455 to the current trend of paperback or beautifully machine pressed hardbound books as well as graphic books.

Not only has the art and craft of printing and book manufacturing been greatly improved over a huge period of time, but the variety of subject matter that is available in books is spell binding, and the more I read , the more I am amazed by the sea of knowledge that a book blesses us with.

Book and internet

Another important reason why the Internet will never replace books is because those who wish to become writers want to see their works permanently published as books – something you can hold, see, feel, scan through, and read at one’s leisure without the need for any type of electricity or electronic device apart from a lamp. The writer may use a word application instead of a typewriter or a simple pen and a notebook, but the final product must eventually end up as a book if it is to have value to the reading public. The author may use the Internet to research a subject just as he/she may use a library for that purpose, but the finished product will still be a book.

No matter what, the essence of books will remain non replaceable.

Kudos! To books, to the lovers of books and to those who write books and make them memorable!