Bride Quartet

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Male bonding, friends for life, if you are tired of this and need an estrogen boost, go for this novel. With the wedding as the central theme we have cakes and flowers and photographs and details! The lovely mansion, the hot guys and the ladies with the spine of steel, here is to all the suckers for romance and wedding! This is the holy grail for you. The feel of feminine friendship is the it thing about this one. And the author is Nora Roberts, of course.

There are in all four books in this series, about the four friends who make the up The Vows. It is the wedding company with each friend taking up the specific chunk of the game. It all starts with Parker Brown and her family. The Browns of Connecticut. Laurel, Mac,and Emma with Parker are the quartet.  They are childhood friends who grew up together. Same middle school, couple years together in high-school. Browns are the centered, respected and enviable family with good old money, reputation and sprawling mansion. Delaney Brown is Parker’s older brother and a lawyer from Yale. Parker is from Yale as well. Jack Cooke is Del’s friend and an architect. The four books follow the life of each of the four ladies and the troubles they face. The starting point of story is when Mr. and Mrs Brown die in an accident leaving Parker shattered. Laurel ( the pastry chef) moves back from Europe and into the Brown Estate to support her friend. Emma and Mac are in town and are a rock in their friend’s life.  It is then Parker comes up with Vow and then there is no looking back. 



The charming tale of Mackensie ‘Mac’ Elliot and Carter Maguire. Mac had a tough life with her mother being the epitome of drama queen and dad being the King of eccentric behaviour. Daddy dearest left them when Mac was four only to resurface once in a blue moon. Mac’s mom smooched stuff off people to live. When Mac realized her love for photography, she found the only stable thing in her life apart from hr three strong pillar of friends. The tale shows the semi-confident genius photographer who is emotionally used by her mom as and when the mumma pleases. Carter is clumsy, adorable professor who is centered and well clumsy. When Macademia ( Del’s word for Mac) meets the goofy guy, you can see cupid take a lazy shoot at them and hit bullseye. The part about how she confronts her ma, the Brown tragedy, the going all in for the business is endearing. This is low on drama, its-gonna-end-well tale which wont be a roller coaster ride but one of those rides where you smile more than you squeal and come out feeling that life, somehow, is going to be good. .  



This is one tale with romance woven in every thread. It is a tale of every little girl who loves the idea of being in love. Enter Emma. she is the florist. The one who makes the bouquet for the bride, the decoration for the venue , she plays with the color and scent and the scene. On personal front, she is the hottest of the lot, the most approached one, the one who is surrounded by men, the one who goes out the most and one who gets angry the least. She is just adorable. The Prince charming is Jack, Del’s friend. He likes Emma but a sister of best friend ( del takes the quartet to be his sisters, is super protective)  is strict no-no. The tug of war, the limits the fight between jack and Del is pure testosterone-y. If you want a perfect tale of romance and love with the perfect girly girl who is sensible as well, the guy who is a guy with the fear of commitment and space and everything like that. This is one book to reaffirm your faith in romance.


savor the moment

It is Laurel McBane’s turn. She is the hard-ass, the tough cookie of the gang. She felt Browns to be her family, and was as badly shaken by their death. Her family is pretty much non-existent. When after high school she has almost droppd the plan to persue cullinary school due to money crunch, it is Mrs. Graby, Browns Housekeeper who firly and lovingly marches her off to school with her saved income. Laurel has her roots in Brown Estate and when Parker needs a friend she is it, when Vows needed a pastry chef, she is it. The love story here is complicated one for it is none other than Deleny Brown who sparks the spark in thisromance-is-awesome-in-theory girl. With Del’s I am her brother attitude, and laurel’s I am not as blue blooded to be with Brown, the tale takes on the old rich-poor status hiatus but in a practical way. You will not find sappy dialogues and needless tears here. Though patchy at points, the book needs to be read for it is part of bride quartet, had it been an individual one, I would have said it to be for Die-hard-Roberts-Fan-only. 


TTT roberts

The devil with a blackberry who is details and plans and notes and more details. she is the head of the business, the expansion, the whole way of it. Never without her ‘crackberry’ ( Mac’s word) this is a lady which runs the Vows with the precision of German Trains. The loss hit her hard, she is apple of her brothers eye and is like a daughter to Mrs Grabby. The guy here is Mslcom, the mechanic, the least xpected person for the proper Parks. The conversations are delightful, the bike rides are titillating as is the final proposal. Mrs. Grabby is on Malcoms team for he is bit like her hubby and she feels that Parker needs and anchor for she may be tough on the outside, organized to army level and more; she is a girl in heart who misses her parents and wants an anchor in her life again.

What made me fall for this books is that it is simple and elaborate. The life of each character is rich in itself, so much so that you will see them living the tale as the pages turn. The drama is minimal and Nora Roberts have Happy endings always, this one is more about the life of four girls, from start to end. what life gave them and what they made it into.