Brighten Up your Living Space

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Most young working professionals and students living away from home today have to put up with an acute space crunch. This article is especially for those youngsters who are living away from their hometowns while pursuing further education or working. What with real estate prices skyrocketing and working hours getting longer and longer, nobody has the time or the energy to pay much attention to their flat or room. ‘Home’ becomes a bed where you crash every night after a long day, and weekends are spent catching up with old friends and relaxing. In such a scenario, it is but natural that one does not pay too much attention to the way one lives.

But that’s where we all go wrong. Your home should be more than the place where you crash after a long day. It is your abode, the place where you are not disturbed by work problems or  college troubles. Moreover, coming back to a room that is warm and welcoming can cheer you up even after the hardest day. So how do you brighten up your living space and make it more homely and comfortable without putting a dent on your pocket and, at the same time, making sure that your decor requires minimum upkeep? Here are some tips-


Steer clear of clutter


You are living away from home and you don’t have a separate store room to relegate all the unused and ‘rarely used’ and ‘I’ll get around to using these’ items. What you do have is one or a couple of small rooms, and roommates or flatmates besides. The smartest thing to do in such a scenario is to clear up all the unnecessary items cluttering up your room (or half your room) and send them back to your parents/ throw them away/ donate them/ sell them off. Think about it, do you really need your course books from two years ago? Books that are taking up valuable space in your bookshelf? If you don’t, sell them off or give them away o your juniors. Most book stores buy second hand books, and this way you can earn a little extra pocket money! Not just books, but any sort of junk lying unused around the house needs to Go. Pack up the five table lamps and that DIY spaceship kit that you will never use and the gym ball that you don’t even look at. Believe me you, with this one simple tip you will have a cleaner looking room in a jiffy.


Keep it clean.

Now that you have cleaned up your room, make sure that it remains clean. Avoid buying unnecessary things just because they looked good at the mall. They will probably just remain packed in their boxes because you don’t have the space to showcase them. Hire someone to sweep and clean and dust your apartment if you don’t have the time to do it yourself every day. A place that is clean and organized is an instant mood uplift-er, for nobody liked to come home to a dirty room.



Most landlords, while renting out their apartments or rooms, provide no furniture. This means that you have to fend for yourself. This also means that for most people, furnishing stops at a mattress on the floor to sleep on and a cupboard to dump clothes in. Big mistake. If you are planning to stay in that city for a few years, invest in some proper furniture to keep your room looking nice and homely. And it doesn’t have to be expensive! Here’s a tip- before buying anything, ask your landlord if he has extra furniture lying around his house. You will be surprised at exactly how helpful some landlords can be. Most of them have unused furniture which they will probably be glad to lend you. I have friends who have had stools and rocking chairs borrowed from their landlords! Next, buy stuff second hand. Ask seniors who are moving away or check online on websites like olx. You may end up finding great bargains in cupboards, shoe racks, bookshelves etc.


Curtains and bedsheets

One instant room brightener is curtains! A room without curtains looks incomplete. Before moving to your new city, ask your mum if she has extra curtains lying around the house. She probably will, it’s a very mumsy thing. If she doesn’t, consider investing in a few curtains. They take up no space and make your room look nicer and provide privacy and safety from the sun. Choose bright prints that go with the color of your walls. And don’t make the mistake of sleeping on your mattress just because you are too lazy to change your bed sheet every couple of weeks. And if your bedsheet matches your curtains, you will be surprised by how it immediately makes your room look more sophisticated and nicer.


Small touches


Now I know that I told you to steer clear of junk, but that doesn’t mean that your living space has to be sparse and totally utilitarian. Personalize your room with small touches and things you like which don’t require too much upkeep. A wind chime at the window, for example. Posters on the walls are a great hit amongst youngsters as they are cheap and awesome and change a wall from boring to brilliant in a matter of minutes. A potted plant on the balcony or on the window sill. Choose a plant that is sturdy and will only require sunlight and water if you don’t have the time to look after it properly.These small things will make your room or apartment look prettier and more lived in.


With these few tips in mind, you can make your living space more personalized and pretty, ensuring that you don’t miss your room back in your hometown too much.