BRUNCH : The new crunch of India

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The sweaty summer has been scaling new heights of mercury as it has started gripping every nook and corner of the nation. While the thirsty prayers of rain have all gone waste as the first showers of monsoon are yet to enliven the dry and dusty portrait of the nation.

In this hot and humid scene the diet of a normal person needs to be re structured and balanced on a different front so as to counter the heat wave going around. The excessive loss of liquid contents from the body through sweat needs to be tackled or it can lead to several health-related issues and thus it becomes a necessity to keep the body ready to tackle such issues.

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, who else other than the Indian city dwellers can stick to it more profoundly. The highly demanding summers also demand a lot from your dining tables; from every sip of drink to every bite of cane. Less and limited use of oily stuffs and high calorie intakes must be taken care of ,rather than eating heavy meals once or twice a day break meals those are light but nutritious must be preferred. ‘Catering to these demands the people from the cities have added a new set of meals to the lexicon of restaurants named BRUNCH’ said a 4 star restaurant manager in Bangalore to ‘The Telegraph’ national English daily.

The report published under the same section witnessed a steady increase in people reporting just before the office hours begin for a little heavy but balanced and low calorie diet that can feed to their energy during their work periods.

These people generally prefer some light fruit juices during the lunch break and that keeps their nutrition count in balance to the requirements.

This also makes their diet light on counts of calorific value but makes it much more nutritious. Then after the day long work at their offices on return people take a good meal and that complemented with rest at night fills up to the requirements of health and the weather.

This habit suits up for a healthy lifestyle only during the summers but with the ease with which it settles through within the working life of these people there is a prominent chance of them getting addicted with it and continuing with it and that might lead to problems on long run.

This kind of trend also allows the restaurants and their working staffs a sound sleep as in the cities they have to work late in the night catering the needs of late sleeping city-people. Sunday brunch seems to have become the must-do thing on every Bangalorean’s weekend checklist. Several foodies were seen at Feast at Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway spending their Sunday doing what they love best — sipping on their favourite drinks and sampling the goodies from the buffet.

The major problem that brunching faces sometimes is the heavy amount of food intake that we may take in order to fulfil the so long empty stomach’s desire. But all this can be encountered with properly balanced diet like eating a full boiled egg including the white part of an egg rather than having a six egg omelette. It’s  so because the white part of an egg is high in protein contents that can help manage the nutritional daily requirements. Preparations like poached eggs and soft boiled egg recipes can also be preferred over the oily omelettes. The general trend has been on top of the restaurant’s charts but they are heavy in comparison to the all veggie wraps that have the same nutritional contents but are 100-200 calories light in comparison to the regular bread of focaccia. Pancakes, pastries, sausages it all sounds so good and makes your taste buds happy but at the same time they are not so good for the stomach so if you can’t resist having them prefer sharing them with your friends, boyfriend or your family. Fruits are the must at brunch have them as a slip of insurance of healthy eating. Prefer non Cobb salads, sideways dressing of breads and other meals. These tips and habits can make brunch a healthy and timely inclusion in your lifestyles these summers.


So have it, celebrate with it, play with it, either it be the promotion party or a romantic date with your love brunch is the cheap and healthy go to for the ever busy city life. But many families have preferred brunching on a daily basis during summers and have found it to be a good go to, tackling with the scorching heat of summers but they might not be good for the long run as they not on the healthy levels of our day to day living. But yes they are the cool recipe of the summers. So have you supplemented a date, meeting or a family get together with a buffet of brunch? If no go book your table fast