Burning the calories through Yoga

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Modern day lifestyle has impacted the human health in great ways. Nowadays, a steep increase in terms of health degradation is being observed. The reason for this is the deteriorating lifestyle of the people and unhealthy habits. Sedentary lifestyles coupled with consumption of junk foods are the prime factors. Worst of all, people don’t even have a few moments to spare from their hectic schedules to look into their fitness routines. All this has resulted in various problems like obesity and other health issues. Gulping in the calories has caused accumulation of unwanted fats in certain areas of the body like the bellies, thighs and arms. As a result, the area around the waist and thighs which is always flabby puts on more such fat. The risk of health problems is proportional to the amount of fats piling up in the body. Thus, it is high time that everyone stops turning a blind eye to this problem and starts taking some efforts towards a fitter body. The best way to start this is indulging in some sort of physical activity such as jogging, aerobics or yoga. Yoga has been the oldest and perhaps the most efficient way to maintain the health and fitness. One needs to take up the proper methods of yoga to tone the muscles and reduce weight without too much of perspiration. It is also an efficient tool used to calm the mind, body and soul along by connecting them in a network. All that needs to be done is spare around five to six hours a week and one can surely feel the difference within a few days.

As a matter of fact every person wants to feel good about their body and being comfortable with the body is the key to a boosting self confidence. Yoga requires a little amount of patience initially especially if a person is practicing it for the first time. Maintaining the steps, postures and breathing techniques holds importance while doing so because improper procedures will cause more harm than good to the body. You need to follow a guide in the form of a book or a trainer in case you are planning to try out absolutely complicated poses; otherwise yoga is quite simple most of the times. In order to get those toned abs and fit body here are few of the yoga postures that can be practiced.
Warrior Pose:
Stand erect initially and then spread the legs a few feet apart. Join the palms above your head and stretch them. Move the upper part of the body to one side as you bend the knee in the same direction as much as possible slowly. In this process the abdominal muscles need to be stretched well. Next, follow the same procedure to the other side. This posture will tighten the abdominal muscles apart from toning the arms and legs.
Camel Pose:
Kneel down on your knees. Keep your feet together. Slowly get hold of the heels of your toes from backwards with your hands one by one. In the process, stretch out your chest and tummy and bend backward. Stay in this position for some time and then return back to the original position. Repeat the process again. This position works towards melting most of the fat in almost all the regions of the body.


Chair Pose:
This exercise is named so due to the fact that one needs to actually maintain a pose like sitting in a chair, the only difference being the chair is absent here. This one demands a lot of stamina and willpower. Keep the feet together as you stand in a straight pose. Bring your hands forward parallel to your head as you inhale slowly. Slowly bend your knees till your thighs are parallel to the ground and stay in this position for some seconds when you initially start doing this and slowly extending it to about a minute. The difficulty lies in being able to remain in this position for as long as possible and getting up only when the stay gets unbearable. Repeat this process 5 times daily. You can increase the number of times you repeat this process gradually. It is effective in toning tummy muscles and reducing fats around the thigh and hip regions.
Butterfly pose:
The butterfly pose is one of the simplest and poses of yoga. For this, you need to sit down straight and stretch your legs forward. Bend your knees while touching the soles of your feet such that they are facing each other. Try getting your feet as nearer to your body as possible. Move your knees up and down continuously with regular movements for around two to five minutes. This works towards burning the calories present in the thigh areas and tones them.
Bridge Pose:
Lie down on your back and keep your feet on the ground as you bend your knees. Place your hands on the ground, maintaining the palms straight. Slowly lift your hips from the ground. Support your body weight on your arms and feet and stay this way for some moments. This pose helps build up the muscle strength of your abdomen.